CBD was the big talking point in the news prior to the covid-19 outbreak. Controversial and also exciting for many people, cannabidiol – to give it the full name – gave hope to many sufferers of ailments involving chronic pain. Although yet to be ratified as a medicinal product great numbers of user report benefits in relation to anxiety and depression, to MS and other chronic illnesses, plus helping with sleep and much more.

CBD has come a long way in the past few years. As would be expected with any new and fast-growing market fresh products find their way onto the market in double-quick time. That’s why we’re going to talk about the dab pen, one of the most useful innovations in the CBD and vaping market. If you’re new to CBD, let us explain in brief what it’s all about.

CBD Explained

CBD is a compound extracted from a strain of cannabis known as industrial hemp. It is one of more than 100 compounds that are slowly being recognised and researched. It is available in many forms, and the one we are most interested in here is known as a ‘dab’. This is pure CBD, in that during extraction it has been isolated from all the other compounds.

Dabs come in a range of forms, each of which may be preferred by the user. What do you do with a dab? Well, you heat it – we’ll come to this in a minute – and inhale the vapour it gives off. This has a calming and beneficial effect as mentioned above, and many people use CBD simply because they enjoy it.

CBD will not get you ‘high’ in the sense that cannabis will, but it is legal and does relax you. How is it taken? As we mentioned we’re talking about pure dab CBD here, and we’ve already said it neds to be heated. You can do this using a regular dab rig that requires an external heat source – a flame from a burner – or you can purchase a dab pen. Before you start to get confused a dab pen is also known as a wax pen and there are various different types. Let’s have a look at some of the different versions.

Types of Dab Pen

If you have concerns about the legality of CBD then take a look at this article about the regulation of CBD products in the USA and put your mind at rest. As cannabis has also been legalized in many states you may want to look that up too. So, before we talk about a few of the different types, here’s a brief explanation of what a dab pen is.

A dab pen is essentially a simple vaping device. It is so known as the original models were shaped in pen-form – long and thin – and were about the same size. Designed to drop into a pocket or purse and to be simple to use, this is rapidly becoming the preferable way to take CBD (and, it should be said, weed and other substances).

The basic dab pen consists of the following: the outer case, a compartment into which the dab is put, a battery, a coil or atomizer and controls. They wary in design as we will see. When instructed the battery heats the tiny coil to a very high temperature which atomizes the dab. This creates a cloud of vapour – note, it is not smoke – that you inhale. You hold it in your lungs a few seconds then exhale, and you get the CBD effect. That’s it in basic form. Here are a few of the many types of dab pen you may come across:

  • Beginners Dab Pens are the simplest form as mentioned above. These are cheap to buy and also have cheap replacement parts (the coil will need replacing once in a while) and feature simple operation such as a single button press or activation when you take a draw.
  • Magnetic Dab Pens are one of the new innovations and are becoming vert popular. The older style dab pens screw together, providing lots of threaded areas where dab itself gets stuck and clogs up the system. These models stick together with strong magnets thus eliminating this problem and making it easier to take them apart and reassemble.
  • Glass Globe Pens are becoming more popular but are something for the experienced user. The design features a glass compartment between the mouthpiece and the cartridge. The idea is that the vapour cools for a short time in the glass globe before inhalation, which makes for a more comfortable vaping CBD dab experience.

The rapid expansion of both the CBD and vaping markets means there will be plenty of accessories to look at – including full-size vape mods once you get used to the experience and many others – but for now we feel the above three dab pens are those you need to know about. So, now you know about dab pens, let’s sum up by seeing if this is really what you need and asking whether you should be using CBD.

Should I Use CBD?

There is no doubt that CBD means big business for the foreseeable future for growers, for manufacturers and for retailers, but is it something that you should be taking? If you’re reading this then you have clearly already thought about CBD and you will have your reasons.

It may be that you want to try CBD to alleviate the chronic pain you suffer as a result of an illness. Or, you have read about the properties of CBD for skin problems such as eczema, for which many sufferers use the substance with reported success. Its use for alleviating stress, anxiety and depression is also widely reported.

Or you might want to try CBD for recreational purposes. Many people do so because it provides a hit but not the full effects of marijuana, and that’s all they want. Either way, we recommend you check out dab pens as they are the best way for a beginner to start their CBD experience.