Whether you have been smoking weed in Canada for decades, or are new to the world of Cannabis, the black haze strain is a popular crowd-pleaser that will hit hard and keep you lifted and euphoric for hours. As with most i49 seeds, the black haze weed seeds you see here are guaranteed feminized and will result in beautiful cone-shaped flowers in 9 to 10 weeks When you buy them for sale online, make sure you either germinate your seeds right away or store them in a cool dark place. To simply type the words black haze seeds Canada into your phone or PC is likely going to be your first step. Then you have to choose among the few Canadian seed banks that have the black weed seeds available in stock. You can choose to transplant your germinated Black Haze seedlings early in the spring to harvest in early fall. Expect up to 14 ounces per plant with the right mix of nutrients. To get the best black haze weed you can, also be sure to use the right lighting setup and good quality soil medium. For indoor grow setups, expect roughly 19 ounces per square meter.

Growing Black Haze Strain Seeds: Your Black Haze Guide

Did you know that 93 percent of cannabis buyers make decisions based on the appearance and color of a strain? No wonder the black haze strain is so popular!

There is something uniquely appealing about a bud that looks as good as it smells and tastes. Black haze strain has an immediately recognizable look, thanks to its vivid color. This keeps cannabis users coming back to the strain again and again.

But rather than spend your hard-earned money on buds someone else grew, why not learn to grow your own? Growing these seeds is a fun exercise that can also save you cash. Learn how to get started with this simple guide!

Why Grow Black Haze Strain?

Growing beginners rejoice: black haze is one of the easiest ways to start growing marijuana.

While black haze does require specific conditions to become black, it’s fairly flexible aside from that. You can either grow it outside or with hydroponic indoor methods. It’s resilient and stands up well to many growing challenges.

The black haze strain does thrive best in warm, sunny areas, but it can survive outdoors in colder climates, too.

Of course, no matter what strain you grow, there will still be a learning curve. If you make a serious mistake, you could end up needing to start all over again. Still, if you want to try growing your own marijuana strain, the black haze is a great place to start.

How to Grow Black Haze Marijuana Strain

If you choose an outdoor setup, start by getting the soil ready. Most growers find that loam is the soil type that gives them the best results.

Next, you’ll need to feed your black haze strain. However, keep in mind that feeding can easily be overdone. Only feed your plant when you notice the leaves are curling, showing spots, or becoming discolored.

Buy a pre-mixed nutrient blend for plants, but if you use it, stick to half of the recommended amount. Stop feeding about four weeks before the harvest. After the plant’s done flowering, add more phosphorus to increase your yield.

Similarly, if you’re growing indoors, don’t overuse your grow lights. Use low-powered lights to avoid giving your plants “light-burn.”

Use organic pesticides to keep pests at bay indoors or outside. As the plant grows, top and prune it to encourage a compact, uniform shape.

In about eight to nine weeks, your black haze strain will be ready for harvest! The color of the buds will depend on the growing temperature, so they may or may not look black. But even without the vibrant color, they’ll still be delicious.