Playing computer games for a living has never been so rewarding. In the last couple of years, eSports grew from a few small LAN events to a multi-billion dollar industry that will inevitably surpass everything on its way.

There are many reasons why we believe eSports will continue to grow. Apart from the fact that some of the biggest companies are starting to get more involved, there are also various new games all the time. Sure, not all of them are eSports-focused, but many are.

Nevertheless, three are a few titles that are a lot bigger compared to the others. Although they might not have as many players as other computer games, some of the tournaments can reach millions of dollars, which definitely makes them exciting to watch.

Dota 2

Although some LoL fans might not agree, Dota 2 is often considered to be the biggest eSports out there. Sure, the game definitely doesn’t have as many fans as League of Legends, however, the prize pools of almost every tournament here are just astronomical.

What’s interesting about Dota 2 is that even the tier-two events tend to provide thousands of dollars. However, once you start watching the big scene, you will see why so many people love this game.

Dota 2 is a MOBA that requires fast fingers and quick thinking. Apart from being interesting tho watch, this game is also one of the preferred choices for bettors, which is why they often use the 10Cric bonus code when they place Dota 2 bets.

League of Legends

This was the eSport that had the largest player base in the world for many years until Fortnite was released. For those of you who don’t know, League of Legends is also a MOBA, which is really similar to Dota 2.

That’s why there are many gamers who also love to punt by using this promo code for 10Cric. There are loads of ongoing LoL events, which means that you always have something to watch. However, it’s probably a good idea to check out the date of the big tournaments because you definitely don’t want to miss them.


Ever since this game was released, it instantly became a huge success. Due to the fact that it’s fast-paced and doesn’t really require you to “grind” a lot, many people have started playing as a way to relax after work.

Apart from being fun, this also turned out to be one of the biggest eSports ever, especially when it comes down to prize pools. This game even managed to surpass Dota 2, which seemed impossible back then.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The last game on our list is the successor to one of the first big eSports, which is Counter-Strike. The old-school gamers probably remember the good old days where we saw some of the best CS teams battling on the big stage.

Now, all those years later, CS:GO has successfully managed to continue the legacy of this legendary game, although many people doubt it at first. Today, there are loads of teams, organizations, as well as tournaments that you can watch.