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There are different ways to communicate with your target to promote your brand and increase your visibility. But one of the nearly everyone effectual is creating a blog. According to a search Now, businesses who own a blog generate 67% more leads and see their traffic increase by 55%. As for SEO, the effects are also positive. Are you not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons to blog for your brand.

The blog highlights your expertise.

Through the content posted on your blog, you can showcase your expertise in your industry or on a specific topic. In addition to being an authority, you become a reference for readers who develop their confidence in you. Wordpens offer quality content services t its customers.

The blog improves the user experience.

Depending on the topics you cover on your blog, you can easily provide useful and high-value information to your readers. For example, if you put on the market coffee you could issue articles to help the reader choose a coffee, give your opinion on certain products that you have tested, again to help in the choice or even deliver the benefits of coffee to encourage your drive to buy. So the idea on your blog is not to directly promote your products or services, but rather to educate your readers by giving those tips or ideas. List articles, comparative articles or even checklists and case studies lend themselves very well to this situation.

Blogging boosts your SEO

Blogging allows you to regularly add content to your site and therefore show Google that you are updating your site. Google’s crawlers tend to crawl updated sites more often and optimize their ranking in the SERP (if the content is of good quality, of course). The blog is also ideal for positioning yourself on keywords used by your target and attracting them more easily to your site to try to convert them. Finally, businesses that own a blog get 97% more links. These backlinks, if they are of good quality, allow your site to rank better in Google search results. So you understand that a blog is ideal for boosting your visibility.

The blog allows you to collect emails.

Emailing is an immense way to wait in touch with your audience: by sending them regular information (promotional or not) you have a better chance of getting conversions.

But you still need to have an email list. Thanks to the blog, you can offer your readers to subscribe to your newsletter to receive in return:

The people who will agree to subscribe to your blog are those who already trust you and are interested in your brand. You will then have a list of qualified contacts.

Blogging increases your conversions.

Before buying one of your products or using your services, the internet user will go through different phases of the conversion funnel. At each and every of this stage, it is possible to help him move forward to the last stage: the decision stage, where the conversion takes place.

For example, you can distribute advice articles or checklists to attract new prospects and interest them in your brand. Customer testimonials, on the other hand, can convince your lead to buy.

The blog allows you to get feedback.

We advocate that you permit comments on your blog posts. In this method, readers will be able to give their view on the subject being discussed, discuss it with each other by answering each other, or ask you questions. This tactic is similar to social listening. By taking into account the messages left by your readers, you can adjust your strategy and respond to them directly to build a relationship. Obviously, to take advantage of all these benefits, you must publish quality content and promote it effectively through different channels (email, social networks, etc.).When writing your blog posts, trust a professional and skilled writer to produce SEO-optimized content.