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Decoration of a new home is fascinating and a fun thing to do rather than securing a house and taking security measures. But keeping in mind the rate of theft where every 25.7 seconds a robbery takes place there is a basic need of home security system and it should be at top of the list. We will let you know the fun things which can secure your home and make it a safer place for you.

Securing doors of the house

Secure the doors of your house because 34% of burglars use doors to enter the house. Make sure the frames of the doors are strong and highly protected through sensors. The locks of the doors should be strong and change them if you have shifted to a new place. Upgrade your locks to smart locks and further you can boost the security with a smart doorbell.

Sliding windows; Love of Intruders

It is very easy for intruders to enter the house through sliding windows and doors so make sure that your doors and windows are protected. The highest technological solution is to set up a door and glass breaking sensor to your doors and windows. It will let you know and make you alert and in most cases, it scares the robbers.

  • Security Systems
    Your home should be a relaxing place so install a home security system. Many companies are offering various packages and facilities. These systems monitor your home professionally and are budget-friendly. Choose a system that provides comfort to you. Firstly evaluate your needs and then contact some trustworthy brand who values your money. Customer services and the reputation of brands matter a lot.

    Smith Thompson is offering a home security system at Austin in a very reasonable budget. Their customer reviews are representing how much their customers are satisfied with them. They offer a lot of detectors, sensors, and much more. Visit Austin Home Security for more details.

  • Pricing and budgeting:
    This company offers consistent long term pricing. They don’t change their rates every few days. Their security systems rates are the same since 1978 in Austin. This is the only security industry that offers such consistent pricing and is providing leading services to the customers. 42 years is a long time to change the rates but they never rose just for the convenience of their customers. Other companies’ main focus is on making money but they are working for securing the present and future of Austin communities.

    Companies sign the contract with the customers but they offer a policy of no contract with customers. This means that if customers are not happy and satisfied with the services they can go to any other company. They don’t force anyone to take services from them. Contracts are meant for capturing customers and their basic agenda is to bind the customer to use their services.

  • Security plans:
    Their security plans are very flexible. They offer three flexible plans. The first one constitutes of Wireless Monitoring. The second one adds on a smartphone application. And the third one is about changing your home to smart home and home automation.

Plan 1 offers 24/7 monitoring of house which works with 5G Cellular or Wi-Fi connection. They come and professionally install the setup. You just have to pay $89 and it is a one-time cost.
After installing you will have to pay just $16.95 every month.

Plan 2 offers upgraded cellular connection and a Wi-Fi transmitter. It gives the option of arm/disarm the application control by giving notifications. It also has the same one-time cost of $89 which you have to pay while installing for the first time. After it, you’ll pay only $21.95 every month for their services without any contract.

Plan 3 is a versatile offer that provides a 7 inches touchscreen keypad. They install a built-in camera and glass break with 1 encrypted power G motion or glass break sensors. Also, they facilitate with three encrypted power G door sensors. Other things include cameras, thermostats, locks, and lights that can be run through one smartphone application. This system is also set up by their technician. The charges of this plan are $29.95 every month. Its startup cost is $499. You can also avail of a $100 discount if you do the upfront payment.

Upgrading your home security:

For further satisfaction, you can add on various devices and connect to your home security systems like indoor cameras and outdoor cameras providing HD view. Other than these they offer heat and smoke detectors, extra sensors and motion detectors, LCD keypad, Extra batteries for the backup, key fob remote, HD slimline doorbell, wireless receiver module, master control panel, cellular wireless transmitter and glass break sensors and lastly dual-path Wi-Fi smartphone control.

The contentment of living in a smart home:

The feel of safety and security of a house is priceless. The thought is relaxing when you sleep with a feeling of contentment that you and your family are safe and in case something is wrong you’ll be notified and will have enough time to take some step to get rid of the trouble and even you can stop the damage and save yourself from any loss. Working parents especially mothers get so worried about kids at home when they can’t be around them. Some get stuck in traffic or meeting and they constantly worry about what will be happening at their home. Some people have to rely on servants and this is the best way to control and keep a check on your servants whether they are doing their work properly or not.

On vacations, you are not able to check on your home but these security systems allow you to monitor and check your home safety through your smartphone app. You can switch on and off your lights in case you forgot. All these advanced gadgets and their connectivity with the Internet has taken security of homes and offices to the whole next level.