First impressions count, particularly, when it comes to your home. Whether you’re planning on selling your house or want a beautiful and welcoming home, curb appeal adds a dramatic upgrade to your home.

Adding curb appeal is often a simple way to boost your property’s value and make it more charming.

Looking to increase your property value but don’t have a lot to spend? Well, even the simplest of things can make a huge impact on your overall curb appeal.

Check out these 10 DIY approaches to add curb appeal on a budget!

Go Green and Colorful 

You’ll be amazed by how much adding some fresh greenery and flowers can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

This doesn’t necessarily mean spending hefty amounts of cash putting in a garden. You can easily add color and appeal to your front porch by adding some planters and window boxes.

Consider using plants to accentuate and frame major visual spots such as entryways and windows.

In case you lack ample space for a standing planter, you may opt for a hanging planter that you can easily hook up.

Another easier way to add as much charm and color to your home’s exterior is by arranging container gardens in planters and pots along the walkway or on the front steps.

Take care of your lawn 

This goes without saying! Maintaining proper lawn care can significantly add value to your home’s curb appeal.

This is also a surefire way to impress a potential buyer. Dedicating the time and effort to maintain a well-manicured lawn speaks volumes for your entire home.

Tending to your lawn includes mowing the grass regularly, pulling weeds, and raking off leaves.

Ensure that you water your lawn well to prevent the development of brown spots. If your lawn appears bumpy, you may use a plate compactor to compact the soil and make it flat.

As long as you keep up with it, lawn care won’t become a huge project. If you happen to reside in a dry place where grass takes longer to hold, you may opt using other lawn alternatives such as artificial turf or shrub beds.

Turn your lawn into a hidden oasis and increase the value of your property with these amazing plate compactors.

Glam your Front Door 

It’s easy to overlook the chipping and fading paint on your home’s front entrance.

Step outside and check whether the front door of your home needs some freshening up.

If it does, consider painting your front door with a pretty color that complements your home’s décor.

An exquisitely painted front door can add a touch of style that will make it stand out from the rest instead of blending in!  Painting a front door won’t cost you a fortune, and is a pretty easy DIY task, even for beginners.

Improve the Lighting

A dark entryway is never welcoming. Before installing the new lighting, make sure that your exterior light fixtures are free from debris and cobwebs to make space appear more clean and bright.

Consider installing low-voltage lighting as it lights up your front steps, front door, and house number without being too dominant. Since you’re working on a budget ensure that your new fixture matches the existing mounting system or screw spacing.

Make certain the power is off, and the new fixture is rated for exterior use before installing it.

Save more by buying lights with built-in motion detectors or one with light sensors to automatically turn on and off. If you require additional light sources for your walkway, solar-powered lanterns or porch string lights can do the trick.

Spruce Up Your Walkway For Curb Appeal on a Budget

Uneven and disjointed walkways are not only an eyesore but also hazardous to your guests.

That’s why your walkway deserves special attention as it leads and directs you and your visitors to your home’s entrance.

A plate compactor is a must-have equipment to get your walkway in shape and improve your curb appeal.

So, what is a plate compactor? These are essential construction equipment that helps you compact soil and gravel for a stable and even foundation.

Whether you have a concrete slab, stone walkway or paver walkway, consider running your plate compactor over the walkway to flatten and make them stable.

Makeover your Mailbox

Swapping an old mailbox with a more stylish one can add a splash of curb appeal to your home.

Mailboxes are meant to complement your home and express your personality. Create a notable difference in your home’s curb appeal by choosing a hanging drop box that mirrors your home’s decor.

Consider decorating your mailbox for curb appeal by painting to match your home’s exterior color, or even hanging beautiful flower boxes beside it.

Clean your Gutters and Replace Broken Ones

Clean your house’s gutters both on the inside and outside. Remove any debris present and thoroughly clean the outsides until they appear good as new.

Remove gutter systems having peeling paint, rust spots, or even broken parts.

Then install modern gutters such as copper systems, or snap-fit vinyl gutter systems need no painting that displays an unmistakable look of quality and an outstanding curb appeal.

Add Arbors or Fence Panels 

Installing decorative fence panels, arbors, and garden gates will enhance your property’s value as well as the curb appeal.

You can easily find these amenities for your home in easy-to-build kits. Modern fence panels come pre-assembled for easy installation.

To add some flair, you may also consider painting these items with colors that match your exterior décor.

Upgrade your House Numbers 

A simple swap out of the old house numbers with modern polished ones can instantly add to your home’s curb appeal.

You should select a font that matches with your front door’s hardware and light fixture, but at the same time distinctive enough to invite the gaze of passersby. Installing house numbers is super-easy for anyone to manage.

From shiny brass to terra-cotta tile and satin stainless, there’re countless house numbers styles to choose from.

You should choose your house numbers style, however, based on your unique preferences.

Hide Electrical Fixtures

Don’t let that air conditioning unit or that electrical box take away the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

You definitely want to enjoy the beautiful- looking landscape. That being said, you need to hide such items in a small shed or construct a lattice to store these more unappealing items out of sight!

Add Curb Appeal with Ease!

That’s it! With some little research and effort, your property can have an incredible face-lift and become a home that has character and great curb appeal! Protect and preserve your property’s curb appeal on a budget using the above-mentioned approaches.