It is estimated that worldwide 1 million people get infected with a sexually transmitted disease daily. Using preventive measures like condoms is good practice but at time things happen.

It is so easy to contract an STD that some people don’t even know when they get infected. Do you have irritating muscle aches, feeling feverish, painful urination, testicular pain for men and vaginal discharge for women? Well, these are a few symptoms of STD infections.

Social stigma has stopped many from getting tested for STDs. Some take the shame and judgment so seriously that they avoid getting tested or avoid picking up the results after the test. Here is information on how to get tested for STDs that might be of some help.

Take a Urine and Blood Test

Using urine and blood samples to test for this disease like gonorrhea, hepatitis, syphilis is an easy and straightforward way to get tested for an STD. This is a one-day process that guarantees you get your results within no time and in privacy.

Blood tests for STD’s are accurate, saves you time and you get to know your health status within a short period of time. Always remember to put your health first.

Get Tested Using Swabs

Maybe you don’t fancy injections too much, this procedure will put you at ease. A sterile cotton-tipped applicator is inserted either through the vagina to collect a tissue sample.

Urethral swabs, Anal, throat swabs are processes a doctor uses to collect samples. Since infection is easily traceable from any part of the body a variety of this swab test will help to know which type of infection you’ve might have contracted.

Get a Physical Test

This method seems somewhat outdated with the recent developments in technology. It is, however, an effective way for the doctor to conduct an extensive check to detect bumps, sores, and signs of STIs. Physical examinations help the doctor in determining the extent of your condition and if further testing is needed.

It is advisable to be open with your doctor about your sexual activities. This includes intimate information such as oral and anal sexual activities.

Test Yourself at Home

If you find it too much of a hassle to go to the hospital, or don’t have the time, you can purchase a kit to conduct an at-home STD test. These kits are readily available at your local pharmacy and are a great way to act on suspicion. Home self-testing kits are a convenient and easy way if you were wondering how to get tested for STDs.

If you confirm your fears, it is best to visit your doctor for further testing and treatment.

Preventing the Spread

Even individuals who are not sexually active can carry sexually transmitted diseases. It is therefore important not to assume that you are safe even when you are not active sexually. Keep in mind STDs are transmitted even through oral and skin contact.
Never try to be brave, take that important step to get tested. Doing so ensures that you protect yourself and your partner.

Talk to Your Doctor About How to Get Tested for Stds

Take that step and inquire more on how to get tested for STDs and the best way to avoid them. Remember it is good to be one step ahead of everything in your life. Counter your challenges before things shift from bad to worse.

Promoting good health through safe sexual encounters be it with one or many partners should be paramount. For more on health visit us on our website or contact us.