Who would have imagined that we can play console-quality games on our mobile devices? The thing is, there are so many games on Google Play Store. It feels like Netflix—you spend more time looking for a movie to watch than watching.

 We recognize this problem, so we are giving you a guide to the top 10 most popular games on Google Play in 2020. In this listicle, we will take a look at five free games, and five paid ones. We will no longer include the prices of the paid games as we know that they vary from one country to another. 

FREE: Mobile Legends Bang Bang – Moonton

Mobile Legends is an RPG game where you get to choose your hero character and make it better. The game is based on the World of Warcraft, so fans of WoW can easily spot the similarities. The game is not just an RPG but a PvP, which means Player versus Player.

 It is a 5v5 mobile game where you team up with five other players and fight another group of five players.

 Apart from this, players can also: 

  • Enjoy battles on the go

  • Improve your hero’s skills

  • Change the skins

  • Build powerful items such as weapons and armor

This is not a pay-to-win game—you can succeed if you use the right strategy. 

Released in 2016, the game has gone through several updates, and it keeps on getting better. Mobile Legends allow players to customize their auto-aim, match players quickly against others, and there is even a live streaming function where you can show your game to your fans while you are playing live. 

FREE: Worms Zone – Casual Azur Games

This one is now the top of all snake-like games. This genre was once dominated by Slither.IO, but this one has taken the top spot already. 

In this game, you start as a small snake. Your task is to eat little pellets to get bigger. If you want to grow faster, you need to make other snakes hit your body with their head. If this happens, that snake dies, and you can eat its remains. 

Snake remains give substantially higher growing power than regular pellets. You can also customize your snake’s skin before you begin to play the game. What makes this different from Slither IO is that it has bonus pellets scattered in the arena—Slither IO does not have this feature. 

FREE: NERF Epic Pranks – HOMA Games

NERF pranks is a game that is based on a trademarked property—the Nerf Gun. Like MOBA games, this is an online multiplayer game where you can hit or tag other players with your Nerf Gun. 

It has an open-world structure where you can roam around and just hit anyone you see. The overall goal of the game is to tag other players without getting tagged yourself. 

In the game, you have to tag other players and hide. If you get seen, you lose. While tagging others, there is a light that turns—a signal to show you where which area is currently covered by another player’s vision. 

You must hide from this light as you shoot your friends. 

FREE: Save the Girl – Lions Studios

Save the Girl is a puzzle game. In it, a girl has to walk forward, but there is an obstacle. You have to remedy this obstacle with a tool, which you have to select at the bottom of the screen. There are two tools here, and using the wrong one can kill the girl. 

The come-on for this game is that the choices are tricky. For example, you would never have thought that a rat can make the girl jump over a big gap. If your choice of tool is wrong, the girl is going to jump and die, but not without a hilarious animation. 

FREE: Gardenscapes – Playrix

This is a building game that has an added Candy Crush-type component. Your job is to restore a neglected garden. As you progress, you will earn coins that you can use to buy new benches, flowers, and other stuff to landscape your yard. 

It is a social game that you can play with your friends on Facebook. Here, you can always enjoy the company of a puppy who is with you all throughout the game. You can also be neighbors with your FB friends and visit their garden to get ideas. 

This game has been downloaded 8 million times, with a rating of 4 stars. It is a game for all, so you can download this and play it with your kids. 

PAID: Minecraft – Mojang

It has been ten years since Minecraft was first released to gamers. Everybody knows Minecraft—unless if you have been living under a rock.

 The game’s premise is simple—you build structures made from blocks. It is like a Lego-building game, albeit it is digital. It is a vast world where you can also create your own. You can explore things around you and discover new materials, or visit other worlds and play with other people.

 There are two basic game modes—the first one is the Survival mode where you get to play with limited resources, and your character can die. The second one is Creative mode, where you have limitless resources.

 Of all paid games, Minecraft still stays on top. It has also spawned several other titles and even has physical goods like toys. 

PAID: NBA 2K20 – 2K, Inc.

The company that made 2K started out as a game developer for gaming consoles. It releases a new NBA game every year, and it has capitalized on the mobile craze as more and more people use mobile devices.

 As always, every new release introduces new rosters and better gaming experience. For this one, they have taken off the MyTeam Mode, which means you cannot build your team as you could do in the game’s predecessors. 

Here, you are the owner of a basketball team, and you need to build that team to become a champion. You can choose to simulate the games if you do not want to play. What this means is that you are not going to play basketball even if it is a basketball game. Instead, you are going to manage the team. 

It also features a Story Mode where you can re-live iconic moments in the history of the NBA, most of which are from players and games in the 80s and 90s. 

PAID: Assassin’s Creed Identity – Ubisoft

If you love Assassin’s Creed, but you do not have a console, then this one is the right game for you. Like any game in the franchise, it is a role-playing game where you take the mantle of an Assassin. 

In this one, the era is the Renaissance, and you will get to explore a rich history in the lens of a skilled killer. You start with a Novice Assassin, and you need to evolve this character into a Master Assassin. You can do this as you progress in the game by buying new tools and unlocking new outfits. 

PAID: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games rarely releases a new game. If it does, it always becomes a big hit. Like the other GTA games in the franchise, you play the role of a mobster where you have to do gangster errands. You steal and do missions to earn money. 

Over time, you will make your mark in the city and establish yourself as a Mafia boss. So far, this is the company’s most significant release on mobile, and it takes about 70 hours to play the game. It has fantastic graphics, and it supports several languages. 

PAID: Evertale – ZigZag Game, Inc.

Evertale is an RPG game. Your goal is to kill monsters and other creatures. Or, you can capture and evolve them. There are over 180 creatures to collect and evolve. It is a fantasy RPG that features bustling cities, ancient dungeons, and a massive open-world environment.

 Unlike other RPG games, you can join other heroes here and complete a quest. You can also fight other players on your own, or join a team for a PvP battle where you get to share the loot if you win. You can also upgrade your chosen character by equipping him or her with weapons, armor, and collecting limited-edition power-ups. 


Our list does not include slot machines as these are in the top 20s. If you are looking for cool slots, you do not need to rely on Google Play or iTunes. What you can do is to visit sites that have slot reviews as they offer demo versions of real-cash slot machines, such as IGT slots online. 

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