A POS system allows owners of small businesses to accept payments. The system also allows you to manage your business thanks to its amazing features.

Below is a list of our Top 3 POS systems.

1. Square POS System

Square POS is one of the best POS systems for small businesses. The square POS is very easy to use and access immediately. The square POS does not need any start-up fee.

The POS system comes with built-in management and processing tools. The system is very easy to operate as it works on iOS and Android devices.

Price of Square POS: The Square POS is a free system Pos. The Square POS does not need you to pay any monthly fee. You may need to pay for any add-on feature you choose.

Compared to other processors, the built-in system processor comes with higher fees. Other processors like Shopify or PayPal have cheaper fees in their system processors.

The add-on fearless of the Square POS is not so expensive. The add-on feature allows you to select only the features that you need. You can decide not to add features that you do not need in your system.

The Square POS system can accept offline payments. This will be helpful if you are having issues with your internet service.

Features of a Square POS: The Square POS is a great value compared to other POS systems. The Square POS offers all its features at a very cheap price. The system allows you to manage staff, customer profiles, and inventory. The system also allows you to get reports on your sales.

You can get a system that’s perfect for you by opting for the paid add-on features. Some of the features include gift cards, marketing, and loyalty programs.

2. Lightspeed POS System for Inventory Management

The lightspeed POS system is the best system for inventory management. It is a good POS software for retail businesses. If your business has a large inventory, the Lightspeed POS is your best choice.

The lightspeed POS system offers a lot of advantages to your retail business. It comes with a built-in catalog that allows it to manage order purchasing. The lightspeed system can create product bundles and categorizes business products.

Price of Lightspeed Retail POS: The price of the POS software for the Lightspeed POS system starts from $99. The lightspeed pos system appears to be more expensive than other POS systems. You may get some Discounts if you own many business stores.

You may only get add-one if you have a loyalty feature and an e-commerce plan. The price starts at $59 for a month. If you want to try out the POS, you can apply for the 14-day free trial.

Features of Lightspeed Retail POS: The features of the lightspeed POS system are robust to make up for its huge pricing. Then the POS system comes with features that you will need in your business. Reporting and inventory are the two major features of this POS system.

With the POS system, you can manage stocks, order new stocks, and create purchasing orders. The POS system allows you to manage everything from its cloud-based system. The system can give more insight into your business management

3. Toast POS System for Restaurants & Bars

The Toast POS software is often used for restaurant and bar business owners. It comes with a load of interesting features. Some of the features include a combination of some front-of-house properties.

Front-of-house features include feedback collection and table mapping. The system also comes with back-of-house features. These features include inventory tracking for ingredient levels and kitchen displays.

The Toast POS system comes with a built-in payment processor. The price of the Toast POS starts at about $80 per month. Features make the POS system great to restaurants and bars.

Price of the Toast POS System: The Toast POS’ core operating system costs about $79 per month. The price of the POS system is a little above the price of an average POS system. The cost of the POS system can go higher if you’re looking to factor in installation and add-ons.

The price for installation starts at about $500. The monthly price for an add-on feature is about $25 to $50 for each added feature. This makes the Toast POS more expensive than the ShopKeep and Square POS system.

Features of the Toast POS: Like other POS systems, the Toast POS system comes with amazing features. Some of these features include staff management, reporting, and inventory control. The system also offers menu management and Time tracking.