If you are a beginner at playing carps at some branded Casino, then you should probably learn some craps rules, the table layout, and very importantly, Etiquettes rules for playing the game. Get all the details on CasinoTalk.

The crowd at the craps tables can be very intimidating. And if you do not understand the Etiquettes rules, you can turn into the bad side f the dealer and might also lose your chance in the game. These Etiquettes rules have been designed by the old casino players, the game rules tradition of the craps games. We have compiled a list of three Etiquettes rules, which are very basic and very simple to apply.

Tip 1 – The Hand Gestures While Playing the Craps

It is the tradition of any casino that hand gestures are considered as the prime Etiquette rule for any game. While playing the game, you cannot just simply use your hands to touch the chips or props whenever you want. The hand gestures are used as the communication between the player and the dealer.

So, if you mistakenly touch the chips of waving the hands, your signs can be taken as your response to the game, and you might lose a winning hand. Hence, when you are playing at the Craps table, you must be aware of the hand gestures that are used while playing and making bets at the table.

When you are at the craps table, you might want to keep your hands tight. The placing of the bets is done at the table, and you might not want to touch the table or shake. The throw of dice is at the tables too. If your mistake brings out the seven numbers, the people at the table might be grumpy towards you.

As the major casino rule, you should not touch the craps table. You are not supposed to touch the table also due to security reasons. Many casino managements use the camera and security people to keep a watch your actions. Also, you are not supposed to touch the tools and other props pf the casino. The casino management can also expel you from the casino due to your knowledge of Etiquettes.

Some casino also does no promote your behavior towards the dealer or other casino employees. You cannot sway your arms or swing them in front of the dealer. This is a rude gesture and distracts him from the game.

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Tip 2 – Read the Body Language and Facial Expressions of your fellow players

Craps is a game that is played socially or with the crowd. And where there is a crowd, it is obvious fellow players might want to talk to each other. But you have understood that each player is different. And some might not want to talk with you. In such cases, your skill to read other people comes handy.

There are chances that you make some friends at the craps table. But when you encounter people who do not want banter while playing a game or do not like to chat, you should leave them alone and don’t force them into the conversation. You need to learn the signs that a person is not interested in your talks.

As a casino Etiquette, it is imperative that you should not try to talk with the player in the game while he is placing bets. It can distract him or disturb him while playing games. In the craps table, you must place the bet within a timeframe. And if you disturb your fellow player while placing bets, he might be offended or even might report you to the casino management.

The signs that your fellow player does not want to have a conversation with you are- low volume of voice, lowered eyes, and plain expression. Concentrated at the dealer and the table, hands or arms crossed, and closed lips are some of the obvious facial and body expressions.

When a player makes eye contact with you or gives you a smile or makes a comment on your wins means that the player is welcoming you for a conversation and has some spare time to talk with you.

Tip 3 – Clear your Doubts before playing game

Craps are played all over the world. And there are many variations to the game. And it is perfectly fine if you are not familiar with the game or do not understand it. The casino employees have special staff for people who do not understand the game or have doubts regarding the round — the only thing you need to understand that you need to ask the question before playing the game. Asking questions between the game might distract the players and dealers.

There are casino employees near every game. You can make eye contact with them and, with a very low voice, ask your doubt to them. They will explain the doubt by talking to you at the empty table or with the help of the demo play at the corner of the games.

However, you are supposed to ask your questions abruptly or in a loud voice in public. This will attract unwanted distraction form the bettors, and you might also spoil the game in hand. First, understand the rules of the games and then place your bets.

If you are wrong or did not understand the game, the casino will not refund you the bets. Hence make your choice right and place your bets. In short, you just need to follow your instincts and understand the seriousness of the players without making a banter.

Craps can be a very intimidating game when played with the large crowd. You must understand the table Etiquettes rules to keep a good relationship with the players and dealer, of course. It does not matter that you win or lose. Keeping your manners in check will definitely earn a reputation in the casino.

Casino environment is all about Etiquettes. You need to follow them as many people come there with different cultures and backgrounds. To mix with them, you must keep your manners in check.