Getting a computer virus is definitely one of the worst experiences you can get as an internet user. However, most computer users are fortunate enough to get a mild virus-like trojan or adware that can be easily cleaned-up with specialized software or a complete format. Others are not that fortunate and ever since we are able to access the Internet, very serious threats have existed out there. We’ve researched the worst and most notorious viruses that actually caused damage to a lot of users and companies across time. Before we jump to the list of viruses, there’s one thing we need to clarify right from the start: accessing online casino real money games at licensed and trustworthy casinos will never put you at risk of being infected!


Without a doubt one of the most virulent and effective computer viruses ever created. It wreaked havoc on computers all across the globe and it is estimated that there was a total of $10 billion of damages caused by it. Even more than that, it is believed that around 10% of all computers in the world were, at one point, affected by this virus. It was so virulent that large corporations and governments had to take their mailing system offline to stay safe.

Created by two Filipino programmers, the virus used social engineering to get people to access the attachment. The text said ILOVEYOU and though it was a TXT file, the extension wasn’t visible due to Windows hiding extensions at the time. Once opened, the text virus sent itself to your entire mailing list and overwrote files on the computer to make it unbootable. It was the virus that led to the enactment of the E-Commerce Law to handle future problems.

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Code Red

Another notorious virus that managed to make a name for itself is Code Red. It gets its name because, at the moment of the discovery, the EYe Digital Security employees were drinking Code Red Mountain Dew. It’s a worm that targets Microsoft IIS web serves computers and once a computer is infected the virus starts to replicate itself until it takes up all the system resources. Besides duplicating itself, the virus also launched a denial of service attack on random IP addresses. Among the famous websites included in the attack was the White House website, while also allowing backdoor access to the computer.

Even though it is estimated that it generated $2 billion in lost productivity, the virus also generated a meme thanks to the message that showed up on the computer: “ Welcome to http://www/! Hacked By Chinese!”.


This one gets its name after an exotic dancer from Florida and was created by David Smith back in 1999. It all started as an infected Word document that was posted on a USENET group claiming to have a list of passwords for pornographic websites. Of course, it got a lot of people curious and it spread with ease. Once opened, the virus would infect the computer and mail itself to the first 50 people in the user’s address book. Also, the virus would be capable of corrupting certain word documents by inserting a Simpsons reference into them.

Unlike the creators of Code Red and ILOVEYOU, David Smith was caught by the authorities and was sentenced to 10 years in jail. However, for collaborating with the authorities, the reduced the sentence to 20 months and a fine of just $5000. Considering that his virus created an estimated $80 million in damages, that’s a good deal.