The weather can be excruciating as summer tries to make a statement before fall hits, and while you’d like to stay cool, you need a skincare and beauty routine that is fire. It’s not just your face that needs support under the onslaught of heat and sun; your body, scalp, hair and eyes need extra care and attention. When you look after your features with high-quality skincare formulas and techniques designed to beat the heat, you can see lasting results and maintain an endless summer vibe.

Total Body Technique

Tackling total body care is a big priority in hot weather because the clothes are lighter, shorter and more skin is often showing. That means more of your skin is exposed to the elements and may require some extra consideration.

What Goes Beyond Basic Body Care?

When it’s hot outside, you can go a step further than using sunscreen, body wash, and lotion. Beyond the basic body, care means incorporating skin care products such as exfoliating body wipes, body oil, and maybe even skincare tools that help the skin all over your body look more radiant and hydrated at a time when it could be prone to looking dull.

What At-Home Treatments Can You Try?

Skincare devices made for the body, like microneedling tools, help painlessly rejuvenate and stimulate the body’s collagen response. Try an at-home microneedling tool that’s specifically designed for the body – thighs, legs, torso, arms, chest, and booty – that’s uniquely engineered to smooth, firm, and tighten these denser areas of skin.

The Silky Looking Skin Tip

Use a derma roller for body dimpling on your tummy, thighs, booty or even your underarms for 60 seconds at least three times a week to see results fast and work to thoroughly overhaul the look of your skin in as little as 30 days.

Complete Complexion Overhaul

You might think of your complexion as the primary subject for advanced skincare products and at-home treatments. It’s certainly worthy of the attention, and you should never neglect your face during the summer—even if that means supplementing your usual skincare routine.

What Can Heat Do to Your Complexion?

Heat doesn’t necessarily mean sun exposure (although you do have to factor extended UV contact into your skincare routine if you’re spending more time outside). If the heat is on, the skin on your face could feel a little stressed. You could be sweating more, leading to more buildup on the surface of your skin, which could mean you see enlarged pores and a few unwanted bumps or blemishes.

What’s Your Best Strategy?

You absolutely cannot skip cleansing your skin. Try incorporating a high-quality facial cleanser that works to reset your skin’s pH and remove impurities for a more balanced complexion. Additionally, you can try microneedling for acne to reduce the appearance of uneven texture after a pimple is gone. Once again, at-home microneedling sessions can come to the rescue as they help in the process of skin renewal and the absorption of any blemish-fighting serums, creams, or spot treatments.

The Soft-Feeling Skin Routine

After using a facial cleanser, use a facial microneedling tool for 60 seconds at least three times a week. Following your at-home facial treatment, use a potent, clinical-grade gel cream to make the most of your mini facial and allow your skin to soak in some much-needed nutrients. If your skin is prone to blemishes during hotter months, a lightweight, oil-free gel cream with marine extracts may help soothe uneven-looking skin texture, redness, and irritation.

Enhanced Hair Care

Oddly enough, your scalp and your hair actually take quite the hit in hot weather. You may not even think of it while you’re out in the day, but it’s time to check in with the uppermost part of your head.

What’s Your Scalp to Your Hair?

The state of your scalp has a lot to do with the quality of your hair and hair growth cycles. If your scalp feels dry, itchy, or stressed, or if it looks and feels like there is buildup and appears oily at the roots, then your scalp and your hair may need your help. You can support a healthy-looking head of hair even in the months that can make your locks feel stripped by spending a little time and attention on nourishing your scalp.

What About Men?

It’s not just women who should be tending to their scalp and hair. Men may also benefit from giving their scalp and jawline extra attention. They can use products and tools for men like unique microneedling tools and serums to help fill in areas of thin or patchy-looking hair. Plus, they can do it in the privacy of their own home.

The Fuller-Looking Hair Practice

Men and women can naturally reawaken their scalp and support the hair growth cycle using microneedling tools with a contoured design. Start with clean, product-free hair, and glide the derma roller parallel with hair strands for five seconds in targeted sections of hair. Follow this with a serum that reduces flakes and buildup and balances oil production on the scalp and jawline.


Your Eyes on the Prize

The delicate skin around your eyes is not immune to weather conditions in warmer months. You may already hone in on the skin around your eyes during your everyday skincare routine, but you might be missing something essential.

What’s the Best Summer Eye Support?

Summer eye support isn’t complicated, but it is multifaceted. It’s not just the skin under your eyes that you need to support. You also need to look at the skin over your eyes. That’s right—the best way to help maintain the appearance of the skin around your eyes is an all-over eye approach that may help reduce the look of dull, sagging eyelids, dark circles, and fine lines.

What Kind of Eye Products Are There? 

The market for eye products is vast, so that means you need to do your research. There are clinically proven eye products from luxury skincare brands dedicated to delivering higher amounts of active ingredients to your skin. For your eyelids, look for an eyelid wrinkle cream with Persian silk tree bark extract to support the elasticity of eyelids. Ingredients should also include holy herb and holy Sinensis plants to say goodbye to dark circles and help the entire eye area look wide-awake.

The Stronger-Feeling Eyelid Secret

While microneedling tools can help minimize fine lines around the eyes, there’s another beauty tool that can also address puffiness and dark circles. Try a cryo roller, ideally crafted of stainless steel, to bring some needed chill to the delicate skin around your eyes even when summer is at its hottest. An at-home cryo rolling, or skin icing, a session can promote circulation while also supporting collagen production. Then you can apply your eyelid wrinkle cream to double up on the rejuvenation support for your eyes. Keep this up whether the temps are hot or mild, and you may always be able to maintain the appearance of your eyes.

If you have the opportunity to combine all of these skincare routines in the warm weather months—do it. It may sound like a lot, but if you do it all in the same at-home session, this fire, head-to-toe beauty routine with advanced skincare products like a balancing cleanser, microneedling attachments, and an eyelid wrinkle cream doesn’t take long. You deserve to finish the summer strong, look radiant, and head into a new season feeling renewed.


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