Tailored Promotions

We’ll accept, cheap promotional products generally have a bad reputation. When you hear the phrase ‘cheap promotional’ products, a pen that hardly writes a word or a water bottle with a thousand cracks may cross your mind. Although Organizations try to stay away from such low-cost products, sometimes a tight budget leaves the marketer with no choice.

But here is the thing, low cost does not always mean bad quality.

Promotional items are important and worth spending money on. Whether you have a low budget or high, promotional items can help you stand out in the market. They can also make a positive impression in the eyes of clients. According to a study by PPAI, 89% of people remember where they received a promotional product gift. 83% of clients like getting promotional items with clear advertising messages. 85% of the clients go forward with the business with the advertisers. The study also revealed that 41% of the consumers said they keep the gift items for up to four years.

Another study showed 89% of the clients remember the advertisers as well as the company’s name for 24 months after getting the items. Not only that, but gift items can also get 500% more referrals from customers who like the promotional items. These stats emphasize the significance of promotional products for recognition and marketing.

Promotional products can help small and relatively new businesses to get recognized and reach out to an increasing number of people in a competitive market. Such items attract customers, and that’s how they try to get involved in a company’s business.

But the good news is- you don’t have to spend a fortune and break your bank to get impactful promotional products. Low-cost promotional products can save you some bucks and also boost your marketing strategy. In this guide, we have assembled a list of cost-effective promotional products for you.

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Here is are some of our favorite cheap promotional products:


With the pandemic situation going on currently, sanitizers can be the ideal giveaway for all events. Especially at conferences and business meetings where people shake hands with everyone they meet, this product can come in handy. Giving this gift will encourage your clients to stay healthy.

Face Masks

Face masks are one of the most important everyday use products these days. You can use the situation to your benefit and use face masks as promotional products as well. You can get customized face masks and give them away. It is a valuable product that will help make a difference and boost your business.

Spiral Notebooks

Who doesn’t love spiral notebooks? We are not exaggerating when we say spiral notebooks are lifesavers for business individuals. Spiral notebooks can help your clients keep everything together. This product is versatile and can be used in several different ways. They can be used for daily checklists as well as for packing lists, or as a timesheet for errands around the house.

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are easy to customize and can also be recycled. Drawstring bags come in a variety of sizes, colors, designs, and materials. They are versatile and can be used for plenty of different purposes.