desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are arguably the best devices one can have access to when it comes to vaping. Desktop vaporizers offer a slew of benefits and advantages that you simply can’t find on other vaping devices. But, are desktop vaporizers still worth investing today? Join us and find out why a lot of people are still sinking money into desktop devices in an age and era where practicality and portability are the names of the game.

Today’s Meta

Today’s vaporizers seem to lean towards the convenient and practical side of vaping. Shedloads of today’s products are portable and straightforward, giving consumers very little to worry about in terms of operation and utilization. However, this seemingly advantageous feature can sometimes hinder consumers from achieving a higher level of performance from the products that they use. Having said, a lot of vaporizer users accept trading off performance for convenience, something that the newer generation of consumers is compelled to do to keep up with the trend of today’s vaping devices. You simply just don’t see desktop devices anymore. When you browse the market for desktop vaporizers it seems that the brands you see today are those that were there 10 years ago. They’re not outdated, they just simply don’t make new desktop vaporizers anymore. The industry is focused on smaller devices that address the needs of the newer generation of consumers. Nevertheless, more advanced users and those who have more demanding needs often look to desktop devices for serious firepower as well as a cleaner and more reliable output. But that’s not all…

Having said, here are a few logical and sensible reasons why people still invest in desktop vaporizers today.


Both in form and function.

First, form. It’s pretty obvious. Desktop devices are built to provide consumers with a stable platform when vaping. The base of tabletop units is often lined with rubber that’s meant to provide added grip and traction to surfaces where the desktop vaporizer is to be seated. In most cases, desktop devices are seen in the middle of sofa tables. If you’ve been in a group session, you’ll know that people coming and going are more likely to bump the sofa table. Desktop devices are meant to stay in place even in the event that one partaking in the session had one too many causing him to trip and wobble.

In terms of functionality, desktop devices are meant to run while connected to a stable power source – like a wall outlet. Therefore, giving you stable flow of energy when vaping. With desktop vaporizers, you’re less likely to encounter running low on power or cutting your sessions short because of a drained battery. And, let’s not forget that dreaded decline in performance when a battery powered vaporizer starts to lose power.

Desktop vaporizers are generally more reliable in these areas.


Whether you’re consuming herbs or concentrates, desktop vaporizers are far superior when it comes to chamber size. Clearly, the larger size of desktop vaporizers gives them the advantage to carry and accommodate larger loads of ground materials and waxy oil concentrates. This is best for people with high tolerance to their chosen materials, those who consume or meditate regularly, or those who like to partake in large group sessions.

Desktop devices offer generous spaces to keep and store materials for better flavor production, longer vaping sessions and even more potent vapor yields. More advanced users, professionals, and medicating consumers favor desktop devices solely for the reason that they can produce better vapors by seating larger quantities of materials.

Still better technology.

While smaller and more portable vaporizers boast precise temperature control, crisp LCD displays, and even high-quality heating elements, it would surprise some consumers to know that these technologies were first utilized in desktop devices. Because of how big desktop vaporizers are, they can be outfitted and equipped with even sophisticated technologies that can perform at higher levels due to the power supplied by wall outlets and other mains sockets. The ones found on small portable devices are just watered-down versions of the technologies used on desktop devices.

Customization in vaporizers was first seen in tabletop devices before they manifested over small portable units. Portable vaporizers, vape pens, and even mini vapes were initially made as alternatives to desktop devices for people who simply can’t be without or can’t afford to miss a session when a desktop vaporizer is not available. Small vaporizers slowly crept to the limelight and utilized technologies first found on desktop vaporizers.


Arguably the most efficient type of vaporizers is desktop devices. All the advantage we talked about so far culminates to it being an efficient tool for the administration of the active ingredients found on your choice herbs and concentrates.

Because desktop vaporizes are made with more advanced vape tech, can carry larger amounts of materials, and can wield unlimited supply of power, they can essentially vaporize your materials efficiently. You can notice that the herbs and concentrates are evenly heated, and no material is wasted. A lot of consumers go through the painstaking process of tending to their own buds. Especially those who have developed a certain liking to a particular strain often can’t afford to let any of their materials go to waste. In these cases, a desktop vaporizer can easily vaporize your materials without having to burn or singe any of them, which may result in wastage or even a bad taste.

This is why desktop devices are often seen as tools for medication because of the quality of the vapors they produce.

Final Thoughts

Desktop vaporizers are commonly seen as investments as they’re oftentimes twice or even thrice as expensive as some portable devices. While they can be a little pricey, especially for beginners, they generally are heads and shoulders better than the average portable vaporizer in more ways than one.