Slowly but steadily gaining momentum, wax concentrate vaping has been one of the new means of consuming cannabis. However, vaping concentrates like wax, crumble, shatter, and rosin, might not be as simple and as easy as vaping a nug of weed. To help you get started with vaping concentrates, here are some tips you should be looking out for.

But before we start, here are some advantages to vaping wax concentrates versus dry herb strains:

  • Wax concentrates are more potent than herbs.
  • They’re more expensive than buying weed.
  • Concentrates are less flavorful compared to flowers.
  • A glob of wax concentrates can go a long way.
  • Make sure to have a clear idea of your tolerance.

For the uninitiated, a word of caution. Vaping wax concentrates have far more potent results than vaping the actual plant matter. A small drop of wax concentrate can put you down for a good amount of time and the amount of cannabis you’re used to, in visual terms, may not equate to how much wax concentrates you should be consuming. It’s important to have a clear picture of how much tolerance you’ve built against cannabis before you pop a glob of concentrate in your vaporizer.

Because of the process required to arrive at the quality wax concentrates have been known for, they are sold at higher prices compared to nugs or flowers. Their potency per weight ratio cuts them off a higher price tag when compared to the actual plant matter. It’s true that wax concentrates aren’t exactly for everybody, you’d hear that connoisseurs prefer vaping weed and flowers versus any type of concentrates. That’s because flowers bear more of the terpenes and the flavonoids, making them relatively more aromatic and more flavorful. However, the potency that wax concentrates offer still outweighs its lack of flavor.

Alright, if you’ve decided you’d want to try vaping wax concentrates, here are 5 tips you should be following for the definitive wax vaping experience.

Buy from Trusted Sources.

Just like sourcing your weed, it’s always best to buy from a trusted and a reliable source. The best places to start are dispensaries. These establishments carry some of the best-quality wax concentrates; their products are often lab tested to prove clarity and potency amongst others like trace amounts of THC and CBD so buyers and consumers can make an informed decision when making a purchase.

Another advantage of buying from dispensaries is that you can always ask a representative whether the product you’re eyeing will suit your needs. They’ll be more than happy to entertain questions about what kind of result you’d want to get out of vaping concentrates.

Which brings us to our next tip.

Start with an End in Mind.

Have a goal before you vape. It may sound weird and mushy, but having a clear goal will help you make your experience more convenient and more enjoyable. Some wax concentrates have high amounts of THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. Selecting these varieties of wax concentrates will help you experience higher highs in just a few draws and a few pulls from your vaporizer. These varieties of wax concentrates are best for casual and recreational consumers who want to experience a knock-off-your-socks kind of high. Another kind of wax concentrate has high concentration or high doses of CBD, the curative, and the therapeutic component of cannabis. Medicating patients can take advantage of CBD wax concentrates on giving them fast-acting relief from pain and immediate effects of calm for anxiety. Because wax concentrates are cannabinoids in concentrated form, they are more efficient than herbs and flowers.

Speaking of efficiency.

Invest in a good vaporizer.

And not just any vaporizer, for both efficiency and convenience, use vape pens. One of the more known wax pen vaporizers out there is the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Pen, small but capable devices such as this vape pen allow convenient and efficient consumption of wax concentrates. Vaporizers do provide the right amount of heating to vaporize your wax concentrates without having to reach the point of combustion. You’re virtually using less wax concentrates with higher trace elements of cannabinoids. A wax pen will also make your sessions more convenient as opposed to using a dab rig which requires a lot more from you as most dab rigs involve the use of a blow torch to heat up the heating elements. Portable wax pen vaporizers can provide torch fewer means of heating for your wax concentrates giving you a much more convenient vaping experience.

And since you’ve invested on a good device.

Invest in a good container.

Wax concentrates are a little more delicate than herbs. You simply just can’t store them in a jar or somewhere else. When using wax concentrates, make sure to invest in a good quality container. Look for ones that have silicone linings so that the waxes won’t stick to the sides of your container. Remember that since a little can go a long way in wax concentrates, a little waste can equate to a large loss. Always keep your wax concentrates in a cool and dry environment and keeps it stashed in a silicone lined container.

And lastly.

Mindy your temperature.

Now that you know that wax concentrates are sensitive enough during storage, you should pay more attention to it during usage. Wax concentrates react differently to the slightest change in temperature, so be mindful of how hot or how cool your vaping temperature is. You can sell a slew of vaporizers with variable voltage settings. Check out their wax vape pen selection. A variable voltage battery simply means that it’s outfitted with different temperature profiles that allow you to change the outcome of the vapor while using wax concentrates.

Ideally, a lower temperature setting yields thin wisps of clouds with high flavor retention. A higher temperature profile will yield larger cloud production and higher potency. Remember, the higher the temperature level, the more cannabinoids are extracted from the concentrates so use temperature to your advantage.