You may have heard a phrase like; “adopt a pet, save your life.” And if you are an experienced pet owner, you can attest that this statement is realistic. Pets, especially dogs, provide owners with unconditional love and acceptance, and they will always be there for you not only at home but also when traveling. You may have many ideas in mind about how you can improve your health. But, do you know your dog can impeccably boost your health?

Dogs’ breeds may vary, but then again is a great idea to own a breed of choice. Whether you own the best dog breed for hot and cold weather, you need to bear in mind that your fluffy companion can benefit you in many ways. You need to stay healthy and live longer, and dogs present you with this opportunity.


To Live Healthier and Longer: Get a Dog

It is not a joke that your favorite dog breed can change your life in incredible ways. However, you don’t just need to assume everything will be well and fail to take care of your dog. In some circumstances, individuals may want to enlist the help of service dogs. Learn more about how service dogs can help people cope with their mental health in this article from BetterHelp.  A happy, satisfied, and joyful dog can improve your health in six unbelievable ways. Have a look;

Contribute to good heart conditions

Your heart is one of the essential organs in the body, and it should be in the best condition all the time. A dog is a great companion, and easily aids reduce cardiovascular disease risks. This is possible especially if you like spending time with your dog in the driveways, parks, or while jogging in the morning. Such routines help lower cholesterol in the blood as well as triglyceride levels that can cause heart complications.

Help prevent allergies

Allergies are one of the common conditions affecting millions of people in the world that can be reduced or averted by spending quality time with a dog. Your dog breed is great around your child as it has a stronger immune system that helps fight eczema and asthma. Your children will thus not be exposed to allergens and dander and will be able to fight any allergic disease and fever.


Help improve mental health and reduce stress

Dogs add positive focus and importance to the lives of the stressed, those suffering from depression, and experiencing mental problems. They invoke a routine that can help those suffering in silence from stress.

A dog also combats the isolation that leads to stress and mental related conditions. Spending time with your dog and in the same space brings in a calming effect as these moments raise the levels of oxytocin, a neurochemical associated with a feeling of joy.

Help you meet exercising goals

Exercise is good for your health, and it is wise to set measurable fitness goals. But in most cases, many people don’t meet these goals. Thanks to your dog, you can still achieve these goals and boost your health. A dog is a better stroll partner, and walking with your dog for a few minutes can aid improve your fitness.


Boosts your relationships and social life

Breakups can cause stress and depression. But if you own a dog and develop a deep bond, such moments can also translate to the way you interact with those around you. You will become more confident and empathetic even towards those who need your friendship.

Help monitor health changes

Some health conditions are complicated and hard to notice. Fortunately, if you own a dog, chances are high that you can easily notice health changes when suffering from complications like diabetes. Dogs are known to sense falling blood sugar levels even before you can notice. Significantly, spending quality time and cuddling your dog can also lower blood sugar levels.

Take-Home Message

Regardless of the climatic conditions of where you live, it is a wise decision to own a dog. These furry pets will not only heighten a feeling of security and safety but will also make you happier as well as help alleviate pain. Find a dog breed that fits your requirements today, and bring your family closer together.