There is tough competition in the sphere of e-business. So, how to make it stand out? These four tips will help you to boost your e-commerce and make it efficient.

  1. High-resolution photos and videos. Nowadays, it’s not enough to post a single photo with several items of description and price. Customers want to see the product from multiple angles and people using it in different situations. They want to be able to enlarge the image and get a more complete picture of the product. There should be several images for one product. Photos should have a high resolution and be optimized for fast page loading.
  2. User Reviews. About 95% of customers read reviews. And 57% of users cooperate only with those companies that have a rating of at least four stars. At the same time, negative reviews do not always negatively affect sales. If there are no neutral or negative reviews for the product, buyers may suspect censorship and assume that the positive reviews are actually fake.
  3. Special offers. Most e-commerce sites use special offers in their marketing practices, such as email newsletters, social media posts, etc. More advanced sites use the space in the page header to promote special offers and promotions.
    If you sell shoes, for example, and you want to know how to sell shoes online successfully, offer discounts to your clients. When customers realize that they can purchase a product at a discount, it motivates them to buy more and spend more time on the site looking for special offers.
    If the online store’s website has a separate section with information about discounts and current promotions, it helps not only to increase sales but also to improve SEO.
  4. Similar products. The “Similar products” feature on e-commerce sites allows you to keep users on the site longer and expand their shopping cart by means of additional sales. For example, a user added a coffee maker to the cart. Next, he/she sees a section called “You may like these products.” It may include freshly roasted coffee beans and scales to know exactly how many grains are needed to get the perfect cup of coffee.
    When an online seller uses a “Similar products” feature to increase sales, he/she shows the buyer that he/she knows what they need.
    Similar products can also include similar product categories, “People who bought this product,” “People who viewed this product,” and so on.

Why does global e-commerce choose Magento?

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The tweaks listed above will allow you to create a great user experience, increase sales and raise your customer orientation to a new level. They have already shown their effectiveness in practice and are used by many companies. By applying them, you will boost your e-business and make it more effective. Don’t forget about technological tools that will help to manage your e-business efficiently, thus making it successful and profitable.