Rack your brains on what to do on a date to make it unforgettable? Do all the options seem boring and commonplace? Today, we will tell you how to arrange a fascinating, fun, and romantic rendezvous.

Amusement Park

The ideal picture from a romantic comedy: you, young and happy, are spinning on the merry-go-round, the lights are around, you smile flirtatiously… You can eat cotton candy, ice cream, and ride on merry-go-rounds. Only remember that they are different — roller coasters for a first date (and even after cotton candy) are unlikely to work, but cute horses are perfect. And for the second date, extreme is just the thing: you will feel like a knight for a princess from Ukraine dating service like Brides 4 love who needs protection.


What is unusual about a picnic? That’s right — when we say a date, we usually imagine an evening walk, candles, a restaurant. But what prevents you from going on a picnic early in the morning? Bring a blanket or bedspread, fresh bread, snacks, tea and coffee for your morning picnic, and champagne or wine for the afternoon or evening.

Walking the Dog

If you both love animals but are not their owners, you can go to a dog shelter. So, you will kill two birds with one stone — you will do a good deed and have a great time communicating with animals. However, keep in mind that a shelter is also a sad place, so this is not a good first date trip. If you still decide, do not forget to take food, some dog toys and handkerchiefs with you.

Bike Ride

A great option for a sports date is a bike ride. Find out whether your partner can ride and head to the park where there are bike rentals. An alternative to a bicycle can be a segway or a hoverboard. A date like this can bring a lot of fun, especially if your knees aren’t hurt.

Master Class

What could be better than learning something new together? Now there is a huge selection of workshops. For example, if you love to cook, then you can go to a cooking lesson together. The classics of the genre are always massage lessons, tea ceremonies, or clay modeling.

You can attend a lecture of your favorite contemporary writer or a music master class. Or, for example, take a course in photography, and then take pictures of each other on the way home. Such a date will leave a lot of funny and sweet memories, what else a couple in love needs!

Book Shop

And here is something interesting for fans of intellectual entertainment! If you both love to read, head to the bookstore and pick out books. This format of date allows you to get to know your partner a little better because our favorite books often reflect our innermost thoughts. You can choose a book for each other as a gift and then arrange fortune-telling based on it — you ask a question, choose a page and a line, and read what awaits you in the future.