Now that you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, it’s important that you secure legal representation as quickly as possible. You can depend on your Mass Tsang Toronto DUI lawyer to look into the situation and do whatever is possible to prepare a defense. You can also contribute to the effort by cooperating with the lawyer in every way possible. Here are four things that you can do that will make defending you less complicated.

Hold Back Nothing

The last thing that you want to do is withhold information from your legal counsel. If it comes to your mind, pass the information on to your lawyer. Instead of you deciding if some detail really matters, let the legal counsel make that decision. You can rest assured that the person hired to represent you is in a better position to decide if something you consider of no value actually makes a difference in how the defense is structured.

Even if something about the situation is somewhat personally embarrassing, you still need to share the information with your lawyer. If it does not have to be included in the defense, then the information remains between you and your legal counsel. In any event, the lawyer will be prepared if the opposing party should bring up that particular bit of information.

Listen as the Lawyer Explains What Could Happen

Not everyone understands what can happen after a DUI conviction. You could lose your driving privileges for a time. The loss may be permanent. There are also fines to deal with and you may end up behind bars for a short period.

A lot depends on the nature of the situation, your past history, and other factors that the court must take into consideration. Your lawyer will layout the most likely outcome based on the evidence. The goal is to ensure you’re prepared for the worst possible outcome even as the two of you work for the best possible decision by the court.

Make Yourself Available at All Times

This is not the type of situation where you will meet with your legal counsel once and then meeting again on the court date. A more likely scenario is that the lawyer will want to meet with you several times. Some of those requests to meet may be on short notice.

Make yourself as available as possible. Lawyers don’t ask to meet unless there’s a solid reason to do so. Perhaps the lawyer has come across something that could change the course of the defense strategy or may be grounds for requesting the court to dismiss the charges. You certainly want to meet, go over that information, and determine if it’s everything that it appears to be.

Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice About Personal Conduct

Between the time you hire your DUI lawyer and the court date, don’t be surprised if your legal counsel has some suggestions about how to conduct yourself. That may include staying away from certain venues until after you have your day in court. The idea is to minimize the odds of you doing something that could be used against you during the court session. Take the advice seriously and follow it to the letter.

Remember that the goal of all criminal attorneys is to protect the rights of their clients and hopefully emerge victorious in the courtroom. With your cooperation, the odds of those two goals being met are much higher.