In today’s technologically driven world, asking anyone to go through a typical day without using an app is akin to asking a fish to spend a day outside the water. The mobile technologies that have made apps an indispensable part of human life have changed expectations; to the extent that people now want to get what they want, when they want it, where they want it. One area where apps can be necessary is the travel industry where they could easily be used as a personal travel agent.

Whether you are planning to take a trip or you are starting a travel website and want travel information in your fingertips, here are some of the best apps you may need to look out for.


Look for TripIt on the Apple Store and you will realize that the average rating given by almost 150,000 reviewers is 4.8 out of five. A close look at this app will provide you with an idea of why it deserves a place among the best travel apps currently on the market. The only thing you need to do if you have this app on your device is to make the booking and then send an email to The app will take care of everything else. It will help you find a seat, remind you of critical times, and manage any refund processes.


Ask any avid traveler about booking hotels, flights, and hiring cars, and they will tell you that these are real chores. However, meet someone who has used Skyscanner, and they will tell you a different story. This app works with travel partners to help you search for the best and most affordable options according to what you are looking for. It gives you an idea of which days are the cheapest to fly and sends you notifications when prices move. For travelers who are still deciding where to take a holiday, the app gives suggestions based on specific requirements.


One of the things that the developers of LoungeBuddy seem to understand is the pain suffered by the regular traveler who often has to put up with long waiting times around airports, lousy food, and expensive Wi-Fi. If you usually avoid using lounges because you think they are too costly, all you have to do after downloading this app is to enter the required details, the status of your airline, and any memberships you have. If you already have access to a lounge, it will give you an idea of which lounges are the best at the airport. If you don’t have access, it will give you an idea of how you can access free lounges wherever you go.

Google Trips

A list of the best apps that act as a personal travel assistant would not be complete without Google Trips. This app transforms any smartphone into a digital travel assistant. It collects all the information from email reservations and travel itineraries. Then, it automatically puts them in a central place where you can access details about your flights, car hire, and hotels.


To help you get the best travel deals, Hopper collects information which it then uses to predict the direction in which flight and accommodation prices are headed. It helps you to wait until the prices are in your favor to make your holiday bookings. According to the developers of the app, they can predict the right price at least 95 percent of the time. If you allow the app to send push notifications, you will always know where the best deal is.