Adjustable bed bases are your best bet if you need a comfortable sleep and relief from several health conditions. These beds not only provide the perfect sleeping posture but also relieve the issues like back pain, neck pain, sleep apnea, snoring, and acid reflux.

You can buy a mattress with an adjustable base to create your sleeping haven. But before exploring your options, ask these questions to make the best purchase decisions.

What Are the Features Integrated into the Bed Base?

You can find a myriad of high-tech features in adjustable bed bases. The entry-level beds come with remote control adjustments for foot and head positions. In these options, the settings may be limited, but you can choose the right sleeping position for a comfortable slumber.

The higher-end bases are available with features like neck support, massage controls, temperature control, zero-gravity presets, under bed lights, and silent alarm systems. So, choose the products that offer the desired comfort and fit your budget as well.

Will the Base Work With Your Mattress?

Although adjustable beds can be available in two parts, you can also buy them separately. If you are looking for the bed frame only, exercise caution and check if the base will work with your existing mattress.

The bed bases provide support for the mattress. So, it makes more sense to choose a mattress with an adjustable base as a package deal. It helps you to focus on selecting the frame that suits your needs. Check the product descriptions carefully before placing your order.

Will the Bed Base Suit Your Sleeping Preferences?

Not every adjustable bed base will work for you, especially if you sleep with your partner. Every individual has different sleeping preferences. Therefore, choose the bed with a split adjustable design that can break into two separate parts at night.

As a result, both of you can enjoy a comfortable position, whether you like to elevate your neck or sleep on your stomach. The sleep beds also have separate mattresses and remote control to move independently.

What is the Warranty on the Bed Base?

When buying a mattress with an adjustable base, don’t forget to ask about the warranties on the products. It helps if you know the extent of protection available on your mattress and bed base. Select the brands that offer warranties up to 20 years, including a full warranty for several components and labor charges.

Some brands also offer extended warranty for additional peace of mind and to cover the expenses like controllers, motors, power surges, shipping, and electrical components.

What Adjustments Can You Make in the Bed?

Before buying adjustable bed bases, ask the manufacturer about the adjustments that you can make in your sleeping positions. The best beds allow head raised position from 58-70 degrees; feet raised positions from 42-47 degrees, and zero-gravity positions to boost the sleeping patterns. With an appropriate posture, you can eliminate pressure and pain on various body parts for improved sleep.

Also, ask the manufacturer if the bed has adjustable legs to suit people with mobility issues. You may customize the height of your bed to get in and out without stressing the joints and sore muscles.