The past few months of the COVID-19 pandemic have signified change for millions of people around the world. Quarantine orders and mandatory non-essential business closures have cost many people their jobs. Those that may have already been struggling now face critical financial issues as the pandemic rages on.

If you have been laid off or have lost your livelihood during this time, you might be looking for ways to scrape together some extra cash. Paying the bills may be a challenge even in normal times, so the current restrictions and social changes can make it even harder to make your payments on time.

This situation may seem like an overwhelming problem, but the focus should be on what you can control and take advantage of with changes in the essential workforce. Although you may not want to put yourself on the front lines, there are a few things that you can do to earn some extra cash.

From online title loans with no store visit to selling some of your things online, we will take a look at some tips to help you make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grocery & Retail

With grocery stores and some retail outlets being the only source of supplies during the pandemic, these businesses are looking for extra help to keep up with the increased traffic. Someone needs to stock the shelves with toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and other necessities. This kind of temporary work is easy to get regardless of your employment background. It may not seem like a dream job, but it may be enough extra money to keep you afloat until you can get back to your normal career.

Delivery Services

If you are looking to minimize the contact you will have with the public, you might consider signing up to be a delivery driver. Take out restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, and retailers have converted much of their services to accommodate home delivery during the pandemic. You can use your own car, make your own hours and minimize your customer contact as a delivery driver for a wide range of companies including Walmart, Domino’s, Chipotle, Uber Eats, and UPS.

Healthcare Support

Our most important workers during the pandemic are on the front lines of the healthcare system. You don’t need to have a medical background or education to help out and get a paycheck. Clinic cleaners, security, support, and administrative help are in high demand.

Sell Your Stuff Online

The pandemic has forced us all to reconsider what is really important in our lives. It has also given us a lot of extra time around the house to sort through all of our stuff. If you need to make some extra money, now is the time to purge and sell some of the things that are no longer a priority in your life. Use online sales sites like LetGo or eBay to sell some of the things just lying around your home gathering dust.

Title Loans

Millions of workers have converted to working from home during the pandemic. In most cases, this may mean that there’s an extra family car that is not being used to get to and from work. This kind of asset can help you pay some of your bills instead of just sitting in your driveway costing you money. If you are in a financial bind, you can go online and apply for a car title loan to help you out. You don’t need to surrender your car unless you fail to meet your payments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on workers and families all around the world. If you are struggling to come up with the money to pay your bills, try some of these tips to help you make ends meet until the pandemic comes to an end and the world can get back on track.