The modern digital world is full of new solutions. Nowadays, it’s possible to automate almost every process. Our previous article was devoted to the question of eBay reviews and their importance. There is no doubt – positive feedback is considered a powerful tool for brand awareness and trust factor forming. Today we’re going to demonstrate the new five tips. All of them are relating to online marketing – e-commerce with innovative technologies and one-of-the-kind methods for sales growth can bring positive results like your customers’ thankful comments.

How to increase eBay feedback – 5 helpful recommendations

Most entrepreneurs prefer waiting for their distinguished praise in terms of positive reviews and eBay feedback stars. But often the reality does not please vendors – somebody forgot to post his comment, someone dislikes such actions to handle, another client – simply doesn’t know what to write down. Start with monitoring in order to make your collaboration with targeted audience efficiently. Build up a chain of effective actions and increase eBay feedback fast & easy.

#1 Comprehensive research and automation

Don’t forget about monitoring all your standing consumers. People like personalized emails, calls with some inquiries offers. Form your own client base and focus on regular mail-out operations. You may remind personally your dear consumers, your managers might call and tell about feedback necessity.

Use qualitative mail automation software to avoid different problems (wrong names, the incorrect purpose of communication with the addressee, etc.). Take a look at top-ranking services: Sendoso, Alyce, Lob. Experts consider an open dialogue via mailing as the most optimal way of communication with consumers. More details will be shown below.

#2 More eBay feedback with an open dialogue

Who will refuse an opportunity to take part in inquiries, special events organized by someone’s favorite company? Be open and provide your users with various possibilities that have a positive impact on brand awareness aspect:

  1. Ask your standing buyers about their main values, send them personalized emails with warm thankful words inside. Do not forget about postcards, discounts, special offers regular patrons deserve.
  2. For example, you may send automatically online letters to new customers with helpful information about eBay feedback. Offer newcomers some examples of reviews – stimulate them to do the right thing.

#3 Teach your audience – provide eBay feedback examples

One more great idea is relating to new users’ experience. Some purchasers are just afraid of writing reviews. They ‘re thinking about grammar, uniqueness, actuality. Some Internet surfers explain their inactivity with the absence of necessity – “I’ve seen a lot of comments like I’d like to send. Why should I chew?”.

Struggle with buyers’ discomfort or scruples – send an informative message with eBay feedback examples. Internet surfers will see how nature could be grateful texts for their favorite eBay sellers. Feedback quantity will increase for sure.

#4 Remember about the low-performing audience

Sometimes long-term cooperation starts with the negative experience. Maybe some of your old purchasers who weren’t satisfied with your service quality long ago are ready to try order goods one more time. Send this category of buyers an invitation for feedback revision right after new successful cooperation. Kill two birds with one stone – miss out on old negative comments plus find new regular consumers.

#5 Tune into cutting-edge techniques & efficient digital tools

One proverb says: “Only sky’s the limit”. That’s why business representatives have to monitor over the market, upcoming novelties – one-of-a-kind tools may increase not only sales, targeted audience, but a number of positive comments too.

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