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Gambling has become increasingly popular owing to its online presence. Many people, who had never thought of anything other than video games or any other indoor, online activity as a favorite past time are now betting either real or virtual money on games online. With increased exposure comes increased risk of fraud. However, if one conducts proper research and cautiously selects an online casino like slots Canada to place their bets in, it can be one of the best experiences online.

A closer look at the working of a traditional casino and an online casino reveals what makes online casinos such a great option and why their fame is surpassing that of traditional casinos.

Traditional Casinos and Online Casinos

Traditional casinos have a physical presence within a building with all installments and machines necessary for playing various kinds of casino games. Online casinos have websites registered under proper regulatory authorities. The range of games offered by both, traditional and online casinos includes the same games, for example, Baccarat, Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Slots, Three Card Poker, Video Poker, Craps, and Roulette, etc. Additionally, both types of casinos can rip players off of their prize amount by their malpractices and abusive policies.

Online casinos place jurisdiction restrictions on players as per the law of their location of residence, which the traditional casinos do not. If a player travels all the way to Poland for playing in a traditional casino, nobody will actually stop them from doing that. Secondly, the time is taken to pay winners their due amounts is more by the online casinos than by the traditional ones. In addition to this, there are more chances of scams while gambling online than in the offline world.

While there are so many points that do serve as Achilles’ heel for the online casinos, traditional casinos do not allow players under the age of 18 years to gamble. Moreover, even if there are no jurisdiction restrictions imposed by the traditional casinos, the truth is nobody really travels halfway around the world just to play in a casino.

What Makes Online Casinos So Great?

Apart from all the similarities and downsides of both kinds of casinos mentioned above, there are some factors that do make the online casinos stand out, thus contributing to their increased popularity and success. These include:

  • Ease of Access: While traditional brick and mortar casinos are only accessible by the residents of the country where they are situated, online casinos can be accessed by people from countries around the world. Secondly, accessing a traditional casino requires an arrangement of transport plus the fare; whereas online casinos are free of this hassle.
  • Ease of Transactions: The second advantage online casinos have over traditional casinos is that the funds can be smoothly transferred from anywhere online. Also, the online payment options make it easier for players to convert their currencies as per demand.
  • No Age Restrictions: While online casinos may restrict countries based on their gambling laws, there no age restrictions. People of any age can gamble online.
  • Payout Amounts: The best attribute which makes online casinos stand out are the payout amounts offered by them. Additionally, bonus amounts offered by the online casinos exceed than those offered by traditional casinos. Whether it is the winning amount or a bonus, in both cases, online casinos outperform traditional casinos.
  • Privacy: Online casinos offer full privacy to their customers. In traditional casinos, players are all facing each other and all others who are inside the casino.
  • Support & Guidance: Online casinos offer 24/7 dedicated support portals for their players alongside offering video tutorials to newbies so that they may learn how to play games. Additionally, they allow players to bet with virtual money while they use demo games to learn how to play a game involving real money. Whereas traditional casinos offer no such support.
  • Lower Minimum Betting Amounts: The last advantage, of playing with online casinos in this list, is the low betting amounts it accepts. In traditional casinos, betting amounts have to meet a certain standard and they cannot be lower than them. Online casinos offer lower betting amounts so that more and more players can have easy access to their facilities.


Given the advantages above, no wonder online casinos have acquired skyrocketing fame and are generating plummeting profits, which are way more than those generated by traditional casinos.