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Rapid eLearning has been the saving grace for organizations in a tumultuous period of recent years. It has allowed faster development and propagation of eLearning courses. It decreases the time taken to create a new learning course from months to weeks. 

It also brings a significant reduction in employee training costs. It helps SMEs(Subject Matter Experts) save time and focus on course quality. As mentioned above, it helps organizations achieve their training goals in times of crisis. 

It leverages the power of authoring tools to create courses that incorporate new-age learning strategies. These include gamification, storytelling, visualizations, and more. It follows the principles of instructional design but eliminates the fancy elements. 

Despite reducing course creation time, it doesn’t compromise the quality of learning. It allows easy update of courses to meet the changing learning objectives in the corporate world. 

Choosing the right content provider for rapid eLearning needs proper deliberation. It requires matching the learning objectives with the offerings of various content providers. Here, we will list the five top content providers to help you decide. These are: 

1. EI Design 

EI Design specializes in offering semi-customized and rapid development. They leverage their custom template library to create distinctive learning designs. Their developers have extensive command over standard authoring tools.

They pick the standard templates from authoring tools and add their custom touch. Thus, they offer a unique learning experience at a rapid pace. They combine their unique templates with Agile development methodology. This allows them to deliver memorable learning experiences. 

They also specialize in redesigning legacy courses into the latest formats based on HTML5. They can also enhance mobile-friendly courses to mobile-first courses. 

2. CommLab India

CommLab India banks on its strong Instructional Design background to create content. They have an experienced team that specializes in industry-leading authoring tools. These include Adobe Captivate, Lectora Online, Articulate Storyline, and iSpring. 

Their rapid eLearning courses focus on performance-based learning. Thus, they include assessments at the end of their course material. They also offer personalization features for learners. They are also known for creating interactive learning experiences with the inclusion of new-age strategies(gamification, storytelling, etc.).

They also provide the option to convert classroom material to eLearning. Additionally, they are experts at migrating legacy content to HTML5. 

3. Inno-Versity 

Inno-Versity prioritizes learning experience and learning objectives while designing their courses. They pay extra attention to creativity in their learning modules. Their creative Instructional Designers specialize in learning strategies such as: 

  • Mobile Learning
  • Gamification
  • ILT(Instructor-Led Training)
  • Extended Reality(AR + VR)
  • Blended Learning 
  • Scenario-based Learning 

They allow their designers to build rapidly around their high-quality templates. By doing so, they aim to remove unnecessary ceremonial steps from learning modules. The idea is to streamline learning. 

They provide measurable business outcomes through their focus on advanced learning theory.

4. Obsidian Learning 

Obsidian Learning is a leader in flexibility, customer service, and regular innovation. They have experience of over 20 years in producing learning assets. They focus on collecting and distilling the most relevant content from SMEs(Subject Matter Experts).

Their courses result from close collaboration between their technical writers and Instructional Designers. Thus, the learning material is visually stimulating and highly engaging. 

They aim to make the learning process interactive through videos, animations, microlearning, quizzes, and more. They pay careful attention to detail, which results in an enjoyable learning experience for learners.

5. Harbinger Interactive Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Harbinger Interactive Learning specializes in creating custom eLearning content. They are experts in eLearning course modernization as well. Their prowess lies in mastering multiple authoring tools from Articulate 3/360 to dominKnow Flow. 

They have an acclaimed team of Instructional Designers following a customer-centric approach. They incorporate a wide range of instructional approaches, such as: 

  • Nudge-learning
  • Gamification 
  • Microlearning
  • Interactive Videos 
  • Animations

They modernize legacy courses at a rapid pace and leave no room for errors. Their translations are always on point and super effective. They have a great understanding of visual design, which reflects in their learning courses.


Hopefully, the above list will help you make the right decision. Once you choose the most suitable content provider, you will transform the learning experience in your organization.