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Due to COVID 19, everything starting from office work to schools and colleges has become online. Students have been attending online classes for all subjects. Online learning means the things students are learning via online classes. Now online learning has left the students with both advantages and disadvantages. Sitting and learning in front of your laptop can be both boring and interesting. Online classes, if done properly, can be the form of studying for both the student and the teacher.

Here are five ways to improve online learning

1. Good teachers

Good teachers are mandatory during online learning. A good teacher is not only needed to teach the students but also to impart knowledge apart from education. A teacher should teach their students in a way that makes the online classes boring and interesting. Students often just switch on the class but don’t attend it because they don’t find it interesting.

A teacher needs to build a connection with their students and not just be a teacher to them but also a friend. While a teacher is teaching, he/she should tell its students stories with morals. This will engage the students. Also, the teacher should be the best at the subject he/she is teaching. It will make the students regularly attend classes.

2. Be serious

When a teacher is teaching, he or she must be serious about the subject. They should provide the students with a wider knowledge and give them a wider scope to view things. Online classes are not meant to be boring. A teacher should motivate their students into taking various courses like TAFE courses in the areas they are best in. studies should not be limited to only schools and colleges. A teacher should also be empathetic and understand a student’s needs and wants. It is important that the teacher present a gentle attitude and personality in front of their students. You should be serious about the subject but not in the way that your students will fear you.

3. Digital videos

Present your students with digital videos to make the class interesting and to cut off the boredom of only one person talking. Videos are the assets for the teachers as well as for the students. When you start presenting videos for your class, they start to enjoy, understand and learn more from it, which makes it an asset for the teachers.

When you are teaching via videos, students will know what they are being taught and understand difficult concepts easily. You can send those videos later in the groups, and they can be viewed from anywhere and any time. Visual classes also improve digital proficiency among the students, which means a great deal in today’s world. A student can understand things via videos.

4. Assignments

Regular assignments should be done by the students. A teacher should make their students do regular assignments because practice makes a man perfect. Sometimes students don’t do the assignments because they have nothing to lose.

So, the teachers can apply some new concepts that students who complete their assignments will get extra points or marks. This will make the students not only do the assignments but will also make them competitive. Try taking more tests than usual, and it will help the students figure out where they are able to score more and at which places they are supposed to improve. Online classes are often failing because tests are not taken.

5. Communicate and encourage

Communication is the key. Being a teacher, you should be able to communicate with your students while imparting knowledge. This will help students to be freer and more open to you. Students need to be free and open with you so that they are able to talk their minds out with you and ask you any number of questions.

Also, encourage your students into various activities outdoors and indoors as it helps in the cognitive development of the child. Online classes limit students from being stuck to their phones all day. Give them various ideas and encourage them throughout.

Final Thoughts

I hope our blog helps you in improving your methods of online learning. Also, make sure to be friendly towards your students; they like it better that way.