A major challenge encountered by professional software developers has been finding the perfect tool to use for the development of their mobile cross-platform on several apps they will be building. Even though each app has its uniqueness and specifications, it is required to work across different devices. However, flutter has put an end to this problem, by integrating all the good elements from cross-platform and native development needed by coders for a successful project. A lot of businesses now look to hire a flutter developer to help them build applications that meet outrageous demands in a short time and are easy to use.

Flutter is a relatively new technology that gained its popularity because of the simplicity of app development with it. So, before going into the reasons you should choose flutter as a technology for mobile apps, here is the definition and its major components.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a free mobile UI, an open-source framework introduced by Google. It is a platform to create ‘Create One Fits All’ UI elements, i.e. a single codebase will produce a frontend for many platforms (like Android and iOS). This allows to reduce time to MVP and saves money to the ones who decided to invest in mobile app development.

Flutter comprises two major components:

  • Software Development ToolKit: The SDK incorporates a compilation of tools that helps in building the app like tools for developing the code into native machine language (Android and iOS code).
  • Framework with UI Library: They are reusable UI elements (sliders, buttons, text inputs, etc.) that build the apps with less time-to-market. Moreover, this library is designed to follow the latest trends in mobile app development.

Using Flutter to create your mobile applications, comes with many advantages. Let us examine 6 major reasons for choosing Flutter in new mobile app development:

1. Open Source

Powered by Google with a software development toolkit, Flutter is an open-source code. That makes access documentation and posting of issues from developer forums easy. It enables Flutter programmers to be trained with the growing number of active developers on the platform. This increases the productivity and efficiency of the coders, which reduces the cost and time spent working on an entire project.

2. Native App Functionality

Flutter has a unique communication channel known as the ‘Platform Channel’ that is used to connect data to native languages. It allows the developers access to the hardware and very easy to use. Presently, the Flutter platform is augmented with libraries that foster a connection with different hardware devices. Examples include GPS chips, microphones, ibeacon, and cameras, etc. It is quite difficult to tweak something while utilizing a library, which may lead to some restrictions on your mobile application development.

Of course, you may choose to develop using native technologies, but the time for getting MVP will grow significantly since you will need a separate development team for each platform.

3. Use of Dart Artificial Language

The Dart artificial language used is object-oriented, simple, and can be quickly compiled into a native code, which improves the application’s performance when compared to other development platforms. Some well-known features include strong typing, garbage collection, standard library, async-awaits, and generics. Just like Java, Dart uses popular features from other artificial languages too.

The only disadvantage of Dart is that it is a relatively new programming language and there are not many developers familiar with it. Yet, since the damned of Flutter apps is growing there are more and more skilled developers who prefer this technology for mobile app development.

4. Optimum Performance

Flutter has always had a high rate of performance when compared with another native language. The use of JavaScript makes Flutter start the screen smoothly, which gives it the best appearance. It has a huge edge over another tech cross-platform. Tools like Flitter inspector and Dart Analysis assist developers in maintaining high-performance standards and analyzing the codes.

So, if you are looking for a fast and efficient software solution, Flutter is a perfect choice for you.

5. Highly Adaptable

Flutter provides a lot of widgets to make the creation process easy for developers. It goes a long way to help them deliver on time when working on products for businesses. These features and widgets are free and you can easily find missing ones online.

The system currently has six operating systems it supports (I.e. Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web). The developer just needs a single code base on all the six operating systems to launch the application on all the operating systems without any issues. Flutter solved a lot of challenges faced by mobile app developers who used cross-platform frameworks.

6. Less Testing Needed

The standard procedure after an application is created is to check for compatibility on several platforms. But with Flutter, this protocol is unnecessary, because you only need one code base to run across several platforms. That means a single test of the Flutter app is just perfect for a developer.

Before, even the developers who use the Ionic framework needed to test their application on each platform separately and fix a lot to make sure that the application runs on all platforms. With Flutter, you don’t need to do all this that saves time and allows launching the product on the market earlier.


Flutter is gaining momentum day by day, because of its many benefits and ease of use. It is a go-to platform for swift and seamless developers who provide you with the best at a low rate and high efficiency. Using Flutter to create your mobile application is a good choice when you need to launch it with minimal time and money investments. Flutter is flexible enough to meet all the needs the mobile app development market has. The only disadvantage of this platform is Dart that is not much widespread compared with other programming languages. Yet, with its growing popularity, we might expect it to soon out beat leaders in mobile app development.