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In these challenging times, we are living with the global pandemic, lockdowns, and overall restrictions it is important to invest time in activities and hobbies that make us happy. Spend time doing whatever it is that makes you feel joy whether that is attending online fitness classes, running, learning a new language, watching movies, or spending time on an online casino. Using makeup makes many people happy even if you are wearing it currently only inside your home or when going out to get your essentials. For the makeup lovers, we have gathered the secrets step by step to get a successful natural make up, like the one seen on the catwalks of big fashion houses, such as Etro, Stella McCartney, and Chanel, the makeup trend for spring 2021, and the secrets to applying mascara correctly in order to have perfect lashes that complement the overall look!

Light, fresh, and natural is the dominant trend in spring makeup. Let’s see step by step how to copy it according to the looks that appeared on the catwalks of important designers such as Stella McCartney and others.

Before makeup

In this look, fresh, radiant skin is the protagonist.

Thus, before applying the make-up, prepare the skin:

1. Clean your face and apply an antioxidant booster.

2. Then apply sunscreen, with or without color, but taking care that it is suitable as a base for makeup. If it is heavy, the makeup will not last. In this case, we first use an anti-grease primer.


-With a thin pencil, correct and fill your eyebrows, so that the result is natural.

-Apply concealer under the eyes, on the sides of the nose, and in any other area that has “shadows”. Optionally use a wet application sponge or a special brush.

– Apply make-up that ensures a light, natural coverage. It is not necessary to spread it all over the face, but in the places that need uniformity. It is usually the center of the face. Blend well so that there is no two colors or more.

-Then place a blush of natural shade high on the cheeks. To find the ideal one, observe the color that your cheeks get during exercise and try to find a similar shade.

-With a large brush apply a little bit of bronzer on the cheekbones and the nose bone. This will give a warm glow as if you are sun-kissed.

– Apply highlighter on the highest point of the cheekbones, on the eyebrow bone, in the center of the upper lip, and in the inner corner of the eyes.

– Then put a nude brown shadow on the mobile eyelid and on the lower lash line and rich layers of mascara.

Finish with a transparent lip gloss or a nude lip pencil.

Mascara: Secrets for an impressive result

How to apply mascara properly, ensuring an impressive result

Mascara is a makeup product that can transform your face with one movement. It beautifies and “opens” the eyes, makes the eyes look more almond-shaped and big, while at the same time it gives a more relaxed look to your face. However, some wrong moves can have the opposite effect of what we want. So, let’s see how to apply mascara properly, ensuring an impressive result.

Secrets for an impressive result

* During your morning treatment routine, avoid very oily eye creams and prefer lighter moisturizing compositions, as oils and excessive moisture will soften the mascara that you will apply later, thus leaving easy traces on your eyelids.

* Instead of putting and removing the brush many times in the package, turn it. In this way, the packaging will not be filled with air and thus the product will not dry out and no environment will be created in which germs thrive.

* As you apply the mascara, do not shake the brush with zigzag movements, because the lashes will take a similar direction. Instead, move the brush from the roots to the edges with straight movements. In this way, you will separate the lashes (of course it also depends on the shape of the brush) and you will give them volume and movement.

* Avoid opening and closing the eyes when applying mascara. Instead, keep them half open and shake the brush as described before.

* To ensure even longer and well-separated lashes, apply the mascara first on the ends of the lashes and then apply another layer, from the roots to the ends.

* If your lashes do not have a curve, you can use special scissors that will turn them and make them impressive. Apply the mascara after and not before, so that our lashes are not damaged.

* If the mascara smudges, do not rub it and do not clean it with a make-up remover product because it will remove our makeup locally. Just cover the smudge with concealer.

Did you know that…

If your mascara has dried or run out, add a few drops of contact lens fluid. Close the package and rub it gently between your palms. Then it will be ready for use.