Man standing on street is asking for help. Man is begging for money.

If you’re facilitating a non-profit institution such as a fundraising project, you’ll naturally hope of getting a constant flow of proceeds so you can continue with your charity. Whether you intend to run the non-profit activity for a short-term period or plan to run it for a longer period, implementing fundraising strategies will be crucial to your success. It would be best if you were very resourceful and strategic; otherwise, whatever non-profit program you’re running may fail as it may not cope up with the financial needs.

But don’t be discouraged if you think you aren’t doing enough to secure proceeds. You still have enough time to improve your strategy. With the following fundraising strategies, you can ask more donors to participate, create more profits, and ultimately succeed in your non-profit program:

  1. Conduct Benefit Events

One of the best ways to do so is to take advantage of benefit events to draw high proceeds from these. Benefit events are special events purposely organized to raise funds for a specific cause. Excluding the total expenses incurred during the event, the remaining proceeds will go to your non-profit program.

If you’re facilitating a worldwide non-profit program, these benefit events will make a great source of proceeds, primarily if you conduct it in alliance with certain corporations.

These prominent companies will not only help in publicizing your non-profit organization, but they can also shoulder some bigger expenses such as catering, event rental, etc. If you manage to find the best partners for your organization, both parties can benefit from the success of the benefit event. You earn proceeds for your fundraising events while those companies can improve their reputation as people will see them sponsoring charitable events.

With such, you may want to hold the fundraising activity to maximize your revenue:

  • Concerts
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Auctions
  • Galas
  • Balls
  • Bake-sales
  • Running and walkathons
  • Lectures

You can further improve the potential proceeds from a benefit event by offering a raffle promo, foods that are for sale, or other services you have in mind that volunteers may have given.

If your target audiences are millennials, it’ll be most appropriate if you think of “active” events. Since most millennials opt to fundraise through active events such as cycling, walking, or running, you can attract more participants for such events.

The secret is to make sure that you identify your audience and segment them accordingly to hold appropriate events.

  1. Ask For Volunteers

Aside from hosting charity events, you can also maximize your fundraising revenue if you ask for help from volunteers. You can ask them as the support force of your non-profit organization. They may want to extend their fundraising, marketing, events, administrative tasks, and more. Although you cannot utilize them to replace your full-time staff, volunteers can help you if you need temporary staffing or don’t have enough budget for hiring staff.

You can even save more if you consider automating volunteer management tasks. Recruiting, tracking, and scheduling your volunteers can be implemented through free online forms.

  1. Advertise Your Event Through Social Media 

Utilizing social media is another free online tool to help you advertise your event more efficiently. You can attract more participants to notice your non-profit organization and also increase your supporters significantly.

Create a page on social media where you can post relevant information and exciting news there. You can never tell who gets to notice your post on social media. It can be your chance of finding a major sponsor as social media allows you to reach anyone from around the world.

You can do so by using well-designed and engaging posts. Or you can even do live fundraising events using social media since virtual events are popular nowadays. By doing this, you can save significant expenses like renting a place for such activity. Instead, you can use the saved costs to fund more critical activities.

  1. Make Use Of Videos 

Another way to make engaging posts is to create exciting or informative videos. Do this by finding the best part of your campaign page to incorporate a video to convey a message rather than just a chunk of text. To make your videos effective for fundraising, make sure that they’re compelling. For instance, you can talk about what attendees can get if they attend your event or what their participation can mean to your beneficiaries.

Circulating a video doesn’t only work as a marketing medium; it can also impact your audience. The emotional sentiment gets deeper with videos.

  1. Sell Merchandise 

During the event, you may want to sell merchandise as well. It becomes imminent for the attendees of your event to look for a souvenir so that there’s something that could still remind them of the joy and fun they experienced during the event.

Aside from the fact that selling merchandise during an event can raise additional funds for the charity, it’s also an excellent avenue to promote your organization. The more participants buy your branded merchandise, the more free promotions you get when using or wearing such.

Also, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to implement this strategy. Here are some ways of selling merchandise before and during the event:

  • Integrate it into Crowdfunding
  • Sell it on your page’s site
  • Put up a booth
  1. Make Your Guests Satisfied

Most importantly, make sure your audiences are happy and satisfied with the outcome of your events. One of your goals should be to give your guests a positive impression of your non-profit organization, not only to gain revenue.

That way, you can capture their interest that will make them want to attend your following events.

But the challenge now is how you will guarantee the satisfaction of your guests? With such, your event has to be entertaining and meaningful. For instance, a concert should have popular guests to make your attendees enjoy it.

At the same time, you may want to acknowledge all of your participants and sponsors. Maybe you can do this by letting some of your beneficiaries sing a song of gratitude for them, too.


There are so many things to be appreciated with fundraising programs. Facilitating a non-profit organization could express your genuine intention to help a specific institution. However, you need to earn enough proceeds to make your fundraising program successful.

Whether it’s your first time running a non-profit program or having previous experiences with charity programs, you might want to do some of the mentioned ways to boost the proceeds of your event. Getting high profits for your event will mean greater help to your chosen institution.