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There are many things you can do to screen your employees before you hire them. One of them is to run a background check. Some companies are looking for specific issues, while others won’t employ anyone with a record, no matter what it’s for. A background check can be one of the most valuable tools in your hiring toolkit. It’s a great way to avoid hiring someone who has a conviction for fraud or who has been convicted of assault. You want to keep the people in your workplace safe, but you also need to protect your assets and your clients. Here are seven reasons to consider background checks for everyone in your company.

You’ll Meet Certain Regulations

Many companies have roles that must meet certain regulatory conditions for employment. These roles may be in finance, IT, or even things like top secret clearance. By requiring a background check as a condition of employment, you’ll ensure that everyone in your company will be able to interact with these regulatory roles without concerns.

Background Checks are Important for First-Time Employees

When you’re hiring a new employee, it’s important to make sure that your decision is based on more than just his or her resume. This is one of the reasons why background checks are so useful for first-time hires. You’ll learn a bit about their past history if they are being investigated and any convictions that might prevent them from being hired at your company.

Background Checks Can Reduce the Risk of Employee Theft

No one wants to deal with employee theft. Not only does it harm your company because you’ll lose money, it can also tarnish your reputation when news of the theft becomes public during legal trials. By doing background checks on their former employees, one company was able to identify who had stolen $2 million worth of jewelry from their store. You can even use it to find employees who are stealing from customer orders as well.

Background Checks Can Include More Than Legal Troubles

When you are investigating the background of your employees, you can also check on their employment history, and even take a peek through their public social media profiles. When conducting a background check, it’s important to consider many different things. Why did they leave their previous jobs? Was it voluntary or involuntary? If they left on bad terms, is this an indicator of future issues with attendance or attitude problems? Did they ever have any legal trouble in the past? If so, what was the charge, and who were their co-defendants? Did the charges stick? Did they go through rehab after getting in trouble with drugs or alcohol? These are all things to consider as you are looking into someone’s background.

Background Checks Reduce the Risk of Insurance Fraud

Many people use new employment for financial gain by suing the company. Insurance fraud is rampant, especially in companies that are willing to settle quickly without a public spectacle. Companies want to avoid scandals, and businesses would do well to use background checks to help them save money and avoid future scandals.

Background Checks can Help you Confirm Your Employee’s Credentials

Many businesses find out about falsified references, lies on a CV, and even false diplomas and education when they do background checks. The most obvious reason to conduct background checks on employees is to confirm their credentials and references. You can confirm where an employee actually graduated from college.  You can confirm if his previous employers are willing to speak highly of him in a reference letter. A background check can also confirm an employee’s identity. This includes confirming their birth date and other identifying information, such as their Social Security number.

Background Checks Help you Avoid Hiring Someone With a Record of Violence

People who have violent pasts and attempt to hide them are often the ones who end up committing violent crimes again. This is why it’s important to do thorough background checks and look for criminal histories in every state where you operate your business.


When you hire someone, you want to make sure that they are the right fit for your company. Background checks can help you with this process. It gives you access to information about an applicant’s past, including criminal records and employment history. It’s also important to consider background checks if you’re hiring temporary workers or contractors at your business.