Business cards have been widely used by representatives of different professions and activities for more than one century. They have long been a great way to promote your business and share your contacts. However, the beginning of the digital era has made many entrepreneurs doubt the value and usefulness of business cards.

Today, business cards have evolved greatly from simple black and white pieces of paper to a full-fledged work of art, with a unique and memorable design. However, nowadays, to create a unique business card design, you don’t need to ask for help from a graphic designer. The whole process of creating a unique logo has already been invented by numerous mockup sites. The service for creating business card mockup facilitates the process of creating business cards because all you need is just to choose the design you like the most and download it. The best part of this, is you don’t need to spend money, as the service provides mockups for free. And yet, if you still doubt the benefits of business cards in the era of the Internet and social networks, here is a list of 7 reasons that will prove their advantages to you.

1. First impression

During the important event, a large number of people could become your partners or customers in the future, so it is vital to have a business card with you. Giving a business card to a potential client makes an impression that you are a responsible and serious person.

2. Vital networking tool

Business cards are a so-called network tool that is simple and effective. They are simple in design, but at the same time, they help to establish connections with almost anyone. Business cards are not bulky or heavy so it is easy to carry and store them without taking up too much space in the bag. This is what makes them very convenient to use by both businessmen, entrepreneurs, and clients.

3. Trust building

For anyone who runs a business, the customer’s trust is an extremely important issue. Having a set of business cards shows you are prepared and care about your customers. At the same time business cards are a useful tool for gaining the trust of customers for the reason that they have a physical item that can be associated with you. And since business cards almost contain contact information, it gives customers a sense of security, because they always have someone to turn to if they need your service.

4. Accessibility

Having an impressive website or social media page for your business is certainly necessary and is a must in the 21st century, but the lack of constant access to it can lead to the loss of customers. Business cards become invaluable due to the fact that they do not depend on the Internet.

5. Brand promotion method

Such small detail as business cards is also very important for promoting your brand. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to their design and logo of them, for the reason that they represent the identity of your company. Personalize your card with a unique slogan.

6. Сost-effectiveness

Compared to other marketing tools and strategies, business cards are a fairly affordable way to promote your business. This is especially important for small businesses whose capital is not so large yet. However, business cards will cost much cheaper than advertising on billboards or in print media.

7. Unobtrusiveness

Although there are free marketing tools, such as email newsletters, unfortunately, they could be too intrusive sometimes. No one likes to receive spam, especially from unknown companies. Fortunately, business cards don’t have such problems, because only you decide who to give your cards to. This makes this method more individual, any client will appreciate it.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that business cards have not lost their usefulness even in 2022 and will also be widely used in the near future. Therefore, think about creating your own business cards if you don’t have any yet.