World events have forced many areas of the business to go online. Hence, the Internet is not becoming as safe as it used to be. Today, everyone knows what a data breach or cyber attack is. And according to future forecasts, the next year is expected to increase the number of cyberattacks.

If you are a small or medium-sized business owner, this does not mean that you are invisible to hacker attacks. Therefore, it is worth considering modern tools that will help protect your business, and VPN can be considered as the first line of protection. In this article, you will find everything a beginner needs in this matter.

7 Tips When Using A VPN for the First Time

So, below you will find a guide that will allow you to properly work with a VPN that is created for business purposes. As you can imagine, standard applications are not suitable here as they are aimed at consumer use. You should pay attention to those that are created for corporate use only.

Choose the Suitable VPN

The first but very important factor in choosing the right software. Some VPN servers work great for some companies while they may not work well for others. It is important to understand that ordinary programs are not suitable for business purposes. You should pay attention exclusively to those that specialize in business, as there are significant differences:

  • Dedicated developers of VPNs create software to protect data privacy from leakage, while ordinary VPNs allow you to unblock sites or videos.
  • A VPN for personal use transmits the IP address to another user. Business VPN provides a separate address with a dedicated server.
  • Business VPN is designed for use by multiple users.
  • Business VPN allows you to track which sites employees visit.

These are the main points that distinguish an ordinary program from business software. When choosing the right application, pay attention to the number of allowed users since the price may vary depending on this factor.

Turn on the Program

Once you have selected the appropriate software, you need to run the program. Pay attention to the possibility of automatic activation, so that your employees do not have to worry about it every time. Usually, all respectable developers provide such a function.

However, check the availability of this feature just in case. Most likely, at first, your employees will forget about the new rules for working with VPN, but with the automatic start function, your data and actions on the network will always be safe.

Customize the Program

Almost all people tend to miss the opportunity to customize the program. But all software experts strongly recommend testing the program with advanced settings. This will allow you to customize the application based on your needs. Go to the settings section and explore what the program offers you.

You can test how the application will work in different settings and choose the option that ideally meets all your business needs. For example, some settings will allow your PC to stop transmitting and receiving data if, for some reason, the program fails.

Activate the Program on All Devices

Since the main purpose of a VPN is to provide protection, all devices must be connected. If your employees use corporate Wi-Fi from their smartphones for non-work purposes, then data leakage may occur.

So you need to make sure that each employee turns on the protective software on all the devices that he/she will use with an office Wi-Fi connection. For these purposes, you can ask your employees to download mobile applications. Look in advance for applications with a high reputation for both IOS and Android.

Instruct Staff

After you have finished testing the software, you need to make sure that each employee understands the essence of this app and consider reasons to use it to be quite serious. Why should you conduct such a briefing?

Some employees tend to be negligent about some kind of instructions from the manager, especially when they do not understand why it is necessary. Briefly tell what this app is for, why it is important to use a VPN, and how it can help your business.

Also, do not forget to remind your team that they should use a VPN in the office on all devices. Be sure to clarify that otherwise, business data leaks may occur. And that could put the company (and their jobs and on-time salaries) at risk.

Don’t Forget to Update the Program

Since you will be using a corporate VPN, you should not forget to update the program. It is important to use all the newest versions of the program. If you ignore the latest updates, which is common for many people, then you make the program ineffective.

If there is a new version of the program, it means that the previous version had some flaws. Since the main goal of this application is providing security, it is not wise to overlook security improvements. Cybercrime does not stand still, and the same applies to security programs. So do not create unnecessary problems for yourself and monitor version updates.

Contact VPN Developers Technical Support

Since you are a beginner, there is no shame in asking questions of professionals. Usually, the cost of a business VPN is significant, so you have every right to receive answers to all the questions that interest you.

If you have any problems with installation, settings, updates, just contact support. Also, if you do not know what each function means when changing settings, this is a real reason to seek professional help. Firstly, it is free, and secondly, you will receive a real solution as soon as possible.

The Final Words

Should you use a VPN for your business? Definitely yes, so regardless of the scale of your company, you still find yourself in the cyberattacks risks zone. Don’t wait until your business is targeted by cyber intruders. Such software is a good preventive measure in order not to worry about data leakage!