Is it hard to get over that most favorite swimsuit of yours? There can be many reasons you have to give up on your favorite swimsuit; for some, it is the size; for others, it may be damaged. So there are a lot of reasons why you can no longer wear your 1-year-old swimsuit. Unlike other dresses that you still manage to wear even 3-4 years after you bought them, it is hard to do the same with a swimsuit.

But here are some tricks that you can follow if you want your swimsuit to last longer than usual. Don’t forget to visit to check out their latest swimsuit collection and use the Boden au promo code to avail of maximum offers on purchase.

Wash it

The moment you step into your house after swimming, immediately wear your swimsuit. Many of us tend to leave the swimsuit to dry off on its own, but that is the worst. Many might not know, but the swimming pool you get into is cleaned regularly by chlorine chemicals. Though your swimsuit keeps your skin safe from such chemicals, chlorine harms the suit in the process of doing so.

So it is crucial that once you come back home, either you wash your swimsuit immediately or at least leave it a bucket of water if you intend to wash it later.

Have an alternative

I’m pretty sure that many of you out there have a favorite swimsuit that you have kept aside to wear for the next pool party, and nothing in the world can replace that suit. But let me tell you something, sometimes it is better to have two instead of one! Why? Well, because regular use of one swimsuit makes it more probable to wear & tear. So if you don’t want your favorite swimsuit to get damaged too soon, then go for an extra!

Be gentle

Just because you are asked to clean your swimsuit, don’t end up thrashing and swimming it in the air in the process of washing it. Unlike your other clothes, swimsuits are utterly delicate. If you ask me how gently you should wash it, I’ll say the way you wash your lingerie; softly & carefully.

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Take special care

While we wash our clothes, we don’t entirely generalize which clothes need what kind of specific washing powder. You should always remember that not all clothes can be cleaned using the same washing powder.

Sometimes, because of the hard powder, many delicate clothes get ruined. Your swimsuit is one among such delicate, so when you wash them, remember to buy the washing powder that is meant just for delicate clothes.

Say no to hot tubs

What more can someone want than sitting in a hot tub on a cold wintery night. Sounds so great, isn’t it? But don’t make the mistake of getting into the hot tub or sauna wearing your swimsuit because the hot water damages the entire suit making it unfit to wear for the next time. So a big-time no for baths at hot tubs!

Dry it off

The essential thing after washing your swimsuit is to dry it off. Unlike other dresses that you twist and squeeze to drain out the water, you can’t do the same with your swimsuit. In doing so, you damage the wires and the material. So after washing, let it dry on its own, don’t dry it in direct sunlight!

Use hands

Instead of putting your swimsuit along with other clothes in the washing machine, wash it by hand. Swimsuit, just like lingerie, is to be hand-washed, because these kinds of dress materials are to be washed gently and carefully and that can’t be done if you throw them in the washing machine.