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I don’t know who needs to hear this but, your skin needs to be taken care of! A recent study revealed that nearly 66% of men and 40% of women use hand soap to wash their face. It also said that more than 1/3rd people only use water. Moreover, approximately 50% of men and women don’t even consider washing their faces before hitting the bed. Shocking, isn’t it?

Your skin is just like a born baby. It needs to be pampered and nourished from time to time. And, not doing so will lead to major skin issues like acne, rashes, dryness, and whatnot! To help you protect your skin from dust and dirt, we are here with the best solution! We have curated some natural and organic products for your precious skin in this article.

List of best natural and organic products your skin truly deserves!

If you are scared of using expensive products available in the market which has harmful chemicals and ingredients, it’s time you end all your worries! We have listed a few fabulous products with natural ingredients that are sure to make your skin glow in no time!

1. Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser

Number one on our list is Kama Ayurveda’s Rose Jasmine Face cleanser. If you are looking for a subtle face cleanser for your beautiful skin, this is what you need! It contains 100% natural ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, black cumin seeds, and oils of jojoba, rose, and jasmine. These ingredients work very well on all skin types, purifying the skin from within. On using it regularly, you are sure to get an even skin tone and get rid of all the marks and rashes.

Kama Ayurveda is the leading ayurvedic skincare brand in the market today. It has umpteen natural products for your skin, hair, and body. You can avail its Rose Jasmine cleanser and other wellness products by grabbing a 15% off coupon from Kama Ayurveda on health care products.

Price: Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Cleanser is priced at Rs. 450 (50 ml).

2. Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti-ageing firming face masque

Are you looking for an organic anti-aging face mask, then Lotus Herbals offers the best one in the market. The YouthRx anti-ageing firming face masque detoxifies the skin, making you look younger and flawless. Enriched with the goodness of ginger and ginseng, it definitely does magic to your skin. Unlike other face masks, this product will not make your skin dry and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

Price: This product costs Rs. 276 only.

3. Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub

Now comes the most exotic ayurvedic skincare and wellness brand, Forest Essentials. If you are in search of an organic scrub, then this hand-pounded fruit scrub by Forest Essentials is the one! With fresh dates and peaches, this product serves as an outstanding exfoliator for the skin. It deeply cleans all the pores, removes the dirt and keeps the moisture of the skin intact. It also contains raw honey which protects the skin from sun damage and makes the skin look ultra-soft and healthy.

Price: The price of this ayurvedic scrub is Rs. 1,950.

4. Vaadi Herbals Anti-acne Aloe Vera Massage gel

Want to know which is the purest aloe vera gel in the market? The one from Vaadi Herbals in the answer. Made using fresh leaves of aloe, this gel is completely chemical-free. It helps to get away with acne, blemishes and fine lines. It also helps in preventing quick ageing, making you look younger than before. Besides aloe vera, the product contains jojoba oil, she butter and kokum butter. These ingredients are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and keeping the skin nourished.

Price: Vaadi Herbals’ aloe vera gel can be availed for Rs. 225 (50ml).

5. Khadi Naturals Rose and Honey moisturizer

Yet another premium ayurvedic skincare brand- Khadi Naturals’ rose and honey moisturizer is a must-try! This gentle lotion has rose oil, honey, aloe vera extract, glycerine, and mineral oil in it. Suitable for all skin types, this is one of the most wonderful yet affordable moisturizers in the market. Applying it in the morning after bath, will make your skin smoother, leaving an excellent fragrance on it.

Price: It is available at Rs. 165 only.

6. Biotique Bio Cucumber Toner

Biotique’s Bio Cucumber toner will leave you speechless with its exemplary results. Unlike other chemical-based toners, this one from Biotique is purely organic and natural. Blended with coriander, Haldi root, berberry, peppermint oil and cucumber, this toner will give a ravishing glow to your skin. It will help in pore tightening, dust removing and refreshing the skin. It can also be used by people with normal to oily skin.

Price: The Bio Cucumber toner can be availed for Rs. 175.

7. Jovees Tea Tree oil control face wash

Do you have an oily or acne-prone skin? If yes, try out Jovees tea tree face wash and witness the changes your skin undergoes. Made using tea-tree, lemon and vitamin E, it is indeed the best face wash in the market. Its ingredients efficiently fight the bacteria clogged deep in the skin and makes your skin clean, clear and soft. Use Jovees tea tree face wash and get ready to get a stunning skin that turns heads.

Price: It can be bought for Rs. 95 (50ml).

8. Just Herbs Kumuda- Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating body wash

In order to get super-smooth skin, it is very important to use the right body wash. And, what else can be better than Just Herbs’ sacred lotus rejuvenating body wash. This ayurvedic product is filled with natural ingredients such as lotus oil, aloe vera, neem, sandalwood and purified water. Using it on a regular basis not only cleanses your skin but also revitalises it from within. All the essential oils and herbs in this product make your skin moisturised and give you a refreshing bathing experience.

Price: You can avail this product for Rs. 625.

Final thoughts:

Having a marvelous skin is everyone’s dream! And, this dream can only be fulfilled by using organic and ayurvedic products. Ayurvedic products have no side-effects and hence can protect your skin like nothing else! So, ponder over the list of ayurvedic products and pick the one you are in utmost need! Also, let us know if we missed any extraordinary product.

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