Presentation is very important; in organizations, in schools, and in offices. But not everyone can make a presentation well. If you are one of those who are not used to doing presentations, then you are lucky. You are on the right page. PowerPoint Presentations are a common way to present things in a clear, concise, and clear direction. But unfortunately, most slide presentations are boring. So, do you know how to make an extraordinary presentation slide? Do you want to present a presentation slide that looks different and will always be remembered by your audience? Here are the tips, but if you want fast help, you can visit GPALabs.

1. Have a Killer Opening Slide

The opening slide that starts the presentation is your opportunity to attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, do not hesitate to be different. Use images that are unique, interesting, and colors that invite attention.

2. Use a Color Scheme

Using the right color scheme creates harmony and professionalism in your presentation. You can use the schema by viewing the magazine, or use the scheme as provided by PowerPoint.

3. Use Stunning Visuals

Slides are a visual communication tool. Therefore, use pictures, diagrams, and other visual displays that help the audience understand your ideas quickly. Also, use pictures that are able to attract attention, arouse curiosity, and make the audience always want to hear the continuation of the presentation.

4. Get Your Text Right

Remember, your presentation is there for all the audience to see. Make sure the text is used correctly and is easy to read. Use a font size large enough to still be seen well by an audience sitting in the back seat, though. Don’t forget to use different fonts that are interesting, as long as you don’t overdo it so that the presentation looks cheap.

5. Use CRAP

This stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. This concept is explained very well by Robin Williams in his book The Non Designer’s Design Book and The Non Designer’s Presentation Book.

Simply stated CRAP is:

Contrast: Make a difference between the elements in your slide. Contrast serves to create differences, comparisons, and make things more interesting. Contrast can be made by giving different sizes, different colors, or different appearance.

Repetition: Take advantage of elements that can be repeated in your presentation between one slide with another. You can repeat colors, patterns, layouts, and many other things. Repetition creates harmony in the entire presentation slide. Harmony is everything in any presentation.

Alignment: There are no elements in the presentation slide in the form of pictures or text that are placed haphazardly. Everything is placed with a specific purpose. Use consistent leveling to make your slides look both beautiful and professional.

Proximity: Every element in the presentation of both the image and the text creates a relationship. Bring elements together that are close together and give space to elements that explain things differently.

6. Use Video

Occasionally use videos in your presentation. Prepare properly so that the video can run smoothly without technical problems. Video is one tool to attract the attention of the audience, and the absence of video causes your presentation to look incomplete and interesting.

7. Share Your Presentation

Share with the world of your presentation. In this way, you can inspire others.

8. Recap

Always make a summary or conclusion of your presentation. Thus, the audience easily recalled all the important points discussed for them to bring home.

Hopefully, the 8 points above can help you to make PowerPoint-based presentations perfectly. Thank you for your time, and good luck.