Today, online jobs are a common thing. Most people prefer doing their business online for the obvious advantages of flexibility and working from home. For any business to thrive, it needs a ready store where it can get products with ease whenever they are required. You might wonder how someone doing an online business can have a store. Well, there are eCommerce platforms that enable you to build online stores and run your online business smoothly.

Using an eCommerce platform is the most effective way because it is easy, cheap, and there is the availability of customer service. However, choosing the best eCommerce platform is difficult. You must give a lot of thought before choosing a particular platform because the platform you want will have a lot of impact on your online business. The following are some of the best eCommerce platforms that you can try so that you excel in your online business:

Wix stores

Wix is suitable for those people who do not know too much about web designing. It is because it was initially a website builder that helped people to create a website faster. You design websites by dragging and dropping. Moreover, it has impressive features that will help you build an online store.

  • Pros of Wix stores
  • Simple

It has a simple design that helps you to set it up and operate it quickly. Unlike other sites, there is no coding; you drag contents anywhere on your website.

  • Provision of several stock images
  • Cons of Wix stores
  • Ecommerce capabilities are a bit basic
  • Once you publish your site, you cannot change your template

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This platform is one of the best for small businesses. Used for both building an online store as well as a shopping cart.

  • Pros of big commerce
  • Great store management capabilities

They offer excellent tools and features to ensure that your store management is excellent. They provide tools like promotions, unlimited products, coupons, and discounts.

  • Flexible shipping options

They provide you with shipping options that can change with the changes you face, thus allowing live quotes and rare calculations.

  • Cons of big commerce
  • Provide a few free templates, i.e. one gets only seven free templates.
  • Its design is not user-friendly.


Shopify is well known to be the best for boutique shops. Once you create a website, you will use their shopping cart solution to sell, ship and manage your products. Shopify offers a cheap subscription starting at $29/month, which is perfect for aliexpress dropshipping, due to the fact that it’s cheap and highly customizable, allowing you to create a high-converting eCommerce store.

  • Pros of Shopify
  • Easy to use and set up

You only need to sign up using your email and build your shop to sell things immediately.

  • No coding is required for customization
  • Cons of Shopify
  • It is expensive
  • Hard to make changes through coding because it uses its markup language


This platform is a cloud-based, hosted option that you can use to build an online store. It has been in the world of eCommerce for twenty years. Therefore is has enough experience to provide you with the best services. During those years it has produced over $28 billion sales.

  • Pros of Volusion
  • Volusion offers a comprehensive site search.
  • They allow their users to customize their themes even after offering many free themes.
  • Provides a 24/7 customer service through live chats or phones
  • Cons of Volusion
  • It has a confusing price structure. You may end up paying more without knowing.
  • Offers no blogging capabilities


Squarespace is similar to Wix, which operates with a drag and drop. When they started, their focus was on making visually appealing websites. However, lately, it has channeled all their energy into eCommerce and allowing people to build online stores and sell their products.

  • Pros of Squarespace
  • It has a simple interface that is user-friendly even to beginners.
  • They provide beautiful and elegant templates that come with mobile responsive capabilities.
  • Squarespace is the best for selling products requiring high-quality imagery due to its attractive design.
  • They provide excellent marketing tools like SEO settings and social media that will ensure you find a ready market for your products.
  • Cons of Squarespace
  • Restriction in some features
  • Limitation in customizing your site


This platform is considered to be the WordPress of the eCommerce platform that offers a hosted cloud version. It provides with the best features that will ensure you build an excellent online store.

  • Pros of Magento
  • Offer its users a lot of control

You can change the functionality and the design of your site and even choose your server environment. Learn more about Magento by connecting to the leading online platforms today!

  • They provide themes for every purpose
  • You can extend your by using market place
  • Cons of Magneto
  • High investment of time and money since it is resource hungry
  • You will have to use the extra cash for investing in development since you will have to hire someone to make changes to your site. It is because the site is written in PHP.

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Opencart platform provides its users with a cloud version. It ensures that its users comfortably build an online store to sell their products.

  • Pros of Opencart
  • The users have no restricted customization
  • They have over a thousand themes extensions
  • They provide a reliable support team that assists in any problem the users may face.
  • Cons of Opencart
  • Limitations in native marketing features

Zen cart

This eCommerce platform is open source and self-hosted, which enables the users to build an excellent online store.

  • Pros of Zen cart
  • You have no restriction in customization because it has a GPL license and resides on your server.
  • It ensures it provides maximum security to their users
  • Cons of Zen cart
  • Their user interface is not up to date
  • They lack a reliable support team; hence, users are on their own.

Site builder

It is similar to the Wix store, which is a website builder that allows users to build their online store.

  • Pros of site builder
  • It is user-friendly
  • They have an efficient support team
  • Cons of site builder
  • They have limited eCommerce options

If you have been dreaming to have an online business try out one of the above eCommerce platforms to build your online store and you will not regret it.