Every year, homeowners across the United States are doing their best to prepare their homes for the extreme cold. Because of the cold air brought by the winter, the use of heaters will be on the rise. On the other hand, air conditioners will be shut off during most winter days because cooling the air inside the home is unnecessary. While air conditioners will not be used during the winter, it is still essential for homeowners to maintain it. If you wanted to know how to keep your air conditioner during the winter season, you should continue reading the information below and replicate it at home.

What are the steps in maintaining your air conditioning unit during the winter?

Maintaining your air conditioners would only require spending a few bucks. Most of the expenses will go through inspection and cleaning of the unit. It is essential to determine the condition of your unit during the winter because many homeowners are stating that their units broke as the cold air swept in. This can be a problem, especially when the hotter season comes, and you don’t have a unit that can turn air inside a building cooler.

The following information will give you steps on how you can maintain your air conditioning unit. Following these steps can contribute to better performance of your unit, and its lifespan can be extended.

Turn it off during the winter season

Make sure that your air conditioning unit is turned off during the winter season. Turning it on is impractical, and you will spend a lot of money on the power that is used. Make sure that you also deactivate the power source to prevent it from activating. Many homeowners across the United States are turning off their air conditioning units during the winter, and they notice huge savings on their power consumption.

In many tropical countries, using an air conditioner is a must because of the humidity in the atmosphere, and the excessive heat from the sun. However, it generates a lot of power, and a household’s electric bill might sound infuriating for some. In countries with four seasons like the United States, an air conditioner is necessary when it is hot, but it should be kept when the temperature is cold.

Clean it during the winter

The winter season is the best time of the year when you can clean your air conditioner. During this season, the units are not used, and you can take it out for a quick cleaning session. If you don’t have any idea how to clean it, you can look for a nearby service center to do the job for you.

Cleaning the air conditioner would require you to protect the internal electrical parts. When these parts come in contact with water or any liquid, it could short circuit and then lead to more serious problems. If you are inexperienced with this kind of task, you can leave the service center do the job. They would most likely use an in-house tool that will enable them to remove the dust inside the unit. They also need to change their filters to make it perform better.

Once you take it out of the service center, you will notice that the air conditioner will blow cooler air, but reserve it when the temperature becomes hotter, especially during the summer.

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Inspect the air conditioner for any problems

If your unit is clean and there is no need to take it in for service, you should still look at it and find out if there any problems that you did not notice before. Air conditioners are fragile, and homeowners need to inspect it more often to prevent the development of more serious problems. When inspecting the unit, make sure that it is turned off, and you should start with the basic mechanisms. You can refer to the owner’s manual or online information on how the unit should work. If you noticed any problems with the unit, try to write it down and look for solutions online.

Recognizing that there is a problem with your unit can help you find more effective ways on how to resolve this issue. If you discovered the problem early on, you could always rely on the internet to find the right part that needs to be replaced. Alternatively, you can also tell the service center to check out the part of the unit that is not working and ask them to repair it.

Cover the air conditioning unit

When the temperature outside starts to fall, it is a manifestation that winter is coming. However, this can be bad news for some of your electronic devices and appliances, like the air conditioning unit. When it is not in use, make sure that your unit is covered completely. This would prevent it from being exposed to different elements that can result in many problems. Covering the unit would also give it a lot of protection from the cold. Many air conditioning unit owners are stating that covering this appliance would also reduce the chances of it requiring service in the future. This can help you save a lot of money for repairs.

Insulating the unit

Air conditioners would also require insulation. The insulators will serve as the protection of the appliance against the extreme cold. Owners who forgot to insulate their air conditioners are surprised after finding out that their units no longer work because of the cold air generated by the season.

Check the unit once a week

During the winter season, make it a habit to check your unit at least once a week. Checking in will give you an idea of whether problems are developing within the unit, and what type of repairs you should be doing to alleviate the problems.

Those who do not check their units during the winter season are surprised when they inspect during the spring. This is important and should be done by owners every time winter comes.


An air conditioning system is mostly used during the summer because it minimizes the heat and humidity inside a room, and during the winter, using it becomes impractical. However, we should still maintain it and perform different strategies on how it can be cleaned during the season when it is not used. Maintaining your air conditioning unit will help it last longer. According to a professional HVAC company, a typical unit can last for ten years, but with proper maintenance, it can work for twenty years or more. The strategies mentioned above will help you lengthen the lifespan of your unit, and you will be able to use them for a longer period.