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Everyone loves casino movies and the anticipation from each player. Especially playing against other smart, ruthless, and corny players. We all love to win big, and walking through the doors of a casino can potentially help you achieve that with ultimate pleasure. Let’s discuss a few Hollywood actors that have played luxurious roles in a casino movie. You just might get all psyched up to stake a game today.

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro should top the list of all-time legendary stars who starred in casino movies. Since his first debut film in 1963, Robert has collaborated on multiple blockbuster projects like Casino, Goodfellas, Godfather, and Taxi Driver. Of course, as the main character in these major hits, he’s got more than a few Golden Globes and Academy Awards to his name.

His multiple award-winning characters as “Sam Ace Rothstein” in Casino created a landmark for gambling movies. Aside from his astounding role as a casino operator in the “Casino” movie, Robert also featured in a couple of films about the mafia.

He’s worked with other industry-leading stars in casino movies like Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. Starring in gambling movies just has a way of bringing out De Niro’s tactical, charming, and conniving personality to the Hollywood screen. Robert is one of the best actors to fully reflect the lifestyle of veteran gamblers in Las Vegas casinos.

Julia Roberts

As everyone loves to call her, the “America’s Sweetheart” sure knows how to bring her corny and alluring personality to casino movies. You’d remember from her exceptional performances on Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve. As it stands, she’s still one of the highest-paid actresses of her time, which makes her the perfect cast for the sophisticated Ocean series.

Julia Roberts’ absence was certainly missed on the third installment of the series, which led to a social media trend that lasted for days. She plays the role of Danny Ocean’s wife and all-time accompanist and mastermind of the Bellagio Art Gallery con. People believed she’d have been great on the casino table in Vegas, winning against rich gamblers.

She complimented the main character, George Clooney, in acting on one of the greatest movies about casinos ever screened in Hollywood. As the 12th team member of Ocean’s Twelve, Julia proves she can bring in her ‘A’ game even with very little odds. Clearly, she’s the best female star in casino movies with her outstanding performance in the Ocean’s series.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is Hollywood’s all-time gambling actor who starred in hit films like 21 and Casino Jack. Over the years, online casino lovers revisit Kevin’s roles as hotshot Washington dc lawyer Jack to boost their morale for gambling. It’s fascinating how Kevin Spacey immersed himself completely into the character. Namely, in the story of a lawyer stuck in the troubles of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Everyone somehow expected the main character to have some glorious comeback after the hours of trying to get above the troubling waters. In the end, Kevin Spacey plays a plot that failed badly, leaving the online casino lovers with an unexpected but quite fascinating ending. Spacey’s role in 21 is a major reason fans consider it one of the best casino movies ever made.

The 21 movie was a true-life story centered around 6 MIT students with exceptional skills in counting cards at a las vegas casino. Interestingly, the students trained to become players capable of winning multiple rounds at the casino with wins worth millions of dollars. If you also want to try it, check out the Grand Mondial casino Canada review and try your hand. Success can be the same as the heroes of the film. You can check out the book “Bringing Down the House” for a detailed read on Kevin Spacey’s character in 21.

Sharon Stone

For her incredible act as a female actor in Total Recall, Sharon Stone brought her fashion model charisma to the sets. The producers knew they needed Sharon’s intoxicating and alluring role as a cast to compliment the Mafia hitman on the film. It’s no doubt that she has the Hollywood experience of taking on complex roles like other female movie stars.

Sharon Stone is one of the few talented actors to win the Golden Globe with a performance from a blockbuster movie. Ladies who love online casino gaming always refer to her cast in Total Recall while quoting her lines sometimes. She plays Lori Quaid, the not-so homely wife of Douglas Quaid, a wealthy construction mogul with a shady past.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is another phenomenal actor great at interpreting gambling characters in movies. Of course, he might not have the experience and exposure as De Niro, but he has the looks and charm of a charismatic gambler. Although best known for his looks, his performances in casino movies helped in his nomination on Golden Globes and Academy Awards in the movie casino section.

You probably know him for his famous roles in Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen. Clooney’s character as Danny Ocean made his appearances on the Ocean’s Eleven part of the series a sight to behold. Brad’s character as one of the best actors on the Ocean’s Eleven set singled him out for more demanding responsibilities. This got him a role in the mafia gambling film; Killing Them Softly.

Thanks to stars like Brad Pitt, the Ocean’s Eleven hits was known for its strategic tale of the kind of compulsive executions we expect in illegal family dramas. As Danny, Brad Pitt exhibited strong performances in his scenes with George Clooney. Everyone knew George Clooney for his impulsive ideas for getting the family what belongs to them in the Ocean’s Eleven films.


These are the top movie stars once featured in blockbuster casino films. The films explored their various personalities in representing real-life activities in casinos. Anyone that loves a movie with a bit of intelligence, thrilling acts, and a little violence – would fall in love with these actors and their roles.