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Over the past few years and throughout 2020 in particular, online casinos have only continued to grow in popularity with a changing mobile gaming audience and adjustments to regulation and legislation that has made them much more accessible too – but with the growth has come a number of myths and misunderstandings around them too, but also a huge number of advantages too. Which are some of the biggest advantages that are drawing more players to online casinos, and will continue to do so moving forward too?

Accessibility has been a key factor – Not everyone has the opportunity to simply visit a land-based casino and play, at least not on a regular enough basis to play consistently, and this is something that online casinos have certainly been able to deliver on. The tap of a button opens up your favorite game and allows a huge variety of play options, whenever you’re ready to do and has been instrumental in delivering greater play options to a much wider audience. As many online casinos move from dedicated sites to apps too, the accessibility options only continue to increase and provide an opportunity for players to explore all of the options.

Game variety has been a key advantage too ­– The biggest services all offer thousands of different titles these days and a huge variety of the types and themes too, from free penny slots right through to the bigger jackpot paid slots, as well as variations to competitive games like Poker and Bingo that have you test your skills against other players too. Online casinos also have the unique advantage of allowing players to play multiple games at the same time, so you can be rolling the slots as well as playing a hand of blackjack at the same time, something that may never be possible for land-based alternatives.

The ability to quickly adopt new features – Another big advantage setting online services apart from land-based options have been within the ability to quickly adapt and introduce new changes, be that new payment options, new game modes, and game types, or similar, particularly as newer things like extended reality could be the next big change to really set online casinos apart from others and will have the advantage of delivering unique play opportunities that may only be available on online services for a longer period of time.

Further changes are on the way for the biggest online services as countries like the UK have recently unveiled further changes particularly aimed at slots, which are often something that some consider a drawback as the growing regulation contributes to bigger change, but it also provides a way to provide a more consumer focussed experience unique to online gaming.