One major problem homeowners encounter when it comes to air duct cleaning Mississauga is the issue of mold. This is usually a nightmare for most homeowners and even professionals. Mould is not only unappealing to look at, but it is significantly dangerous for home inhabitants. Because of the way it develops, it is not easy to identify it and may grow and spread to other areas if not stopped at earlier stages.

Generally, it develops in dark and wet places and those with lower temperatures than the rest. It can develop on any surface, even on your furniture if not well taken care of. To identify and control mold growth, it is crucial to understand varying types of mold and how they look. Here are some of the common mold types that you will find in your vents and air ducts. Once you see any of these call air duct cleaning Mississauga as soon as possible.


This is a toxic mold which looks like a white powdery substance. It usually grows over time. It is a popular mold type that develops in wet places or parts in contact with water.

It can be removed easily by expert air duct cleaning Mississauga.


This is also a common type of mold that develops on damp surfaces. It is brownish or greenish in appearance. Though it is not common in air ducts, it affects areas with flowing water for an extended period.


Aspergillus is one kind of mold that is hard to identify since it can take various forms. It can take several colors, but it is commonly found in yellow, green and white colors.


This exists as brown matter with a smooth texture like that of cotton. It changes its appearance over time making it challenging to identify. It grows on damp walls, but it can also be found in ducts. It can be prevented by carrying out Mississauga duct cleaning periodically.


This one develops on damp walls and also in areas that have been destroyed by water. It can also be found in vents are ducts if there are parts damaged by water.


This is the main occurring mold type that can be found in vents and air conditioners. If you notice it, you should call a professional air duct cleaning Mississauga expert to treat it since it can cause detrimental effects if left to continue growing.


This is also a common type of mold which looks like a blackish matter. It is commonly found on households and grows very fast if not checked. However, it is easily spotted, but still one of the most dangerous mold types that can develop in your ducts.


This grows only in areas that are always damp. It appears like spores and grows very fast, thereby posing a significant danger to your home.