Eco-tourism is known to be the most sustainable way of traveling to learn about how to save the environment, reduce the impact on the planet, and engage with the local community people to save the cultural heritage. When taking eco-tourism you can stay at eco-resorts which is the most sustainable form of accommodation. They provide various forms of facilities that are vitally focused on preventing the environment from damage and maintaining sustainability.

You can also contribute to the environment by reducing damage by adopting the usage of eco-friendly products, participating in eco-friendly activities, and volunteering the wildlife and other ways like cleaning the surroundings of debris and maintaining them sustainably. To encourage eco-tourism and attract investors for their country’s development, the Government of Dominica has approved the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa project under Dominica Citizenship by Investment real estate program. This resort project is being developed by Vital Developers Limited, and they contracted Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ for project management services. Alexander V Berenstain, a General Manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ was amazed with concept of this project and happy to assist the development of the Eco Resort.

Interconnection between Eco-tourism and Eco-resort:

Eco-tourism and Eco-resorts are interconnected by their ideas of preventing the environment from human-made damage and providing the planet a recovery time to get rid of those damages and make them more healthier for future generations. Some of the actions like taking public transportation and reducing fossil fuel usage to minimize the carbon footprint, avoiding single-use plastic, adopting eco-friendly products, and insisting others follow the same will help to preserve the planet. The natural resources and ecosystem are vital sources of the energy system and make them stable and provide sustainable ways of energy conservation for the planet’s future. Eco-resorts and eco-tourism will be always ready to help the local community people by contributing to their economy by buying organic foods, crafts, and traditional handloom arts from them.

Updates and facilities of Alexander V Berenstain’s Eco Resort Project:

The eco-resort project is developing with the approval of the Government of Dominica and is mainly focused on attracting investors from all over the world under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment real estate program. Project management done by Alexander V Berenstain, a General Manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ, as they were contracted by the Vital Developers Limited, the approved developer of this project. The Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa project is located near the tranquil bosom of the rainforest of Providence Estate in Laudat, Roseau Valley, home of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As it extends across 10 acres of diverse flora and fauna, Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa beckons visitors to indulge in what will embody the true essence of the ‘Nature Island’, as Dominica is so rightfully nicknamed.

Many privileges are offered by the Government of Dominica for their investors. When the investor invests $200,000 in a preferred share, the investor will be given the privilege of co-owner. To participate in the Dominica Citizenship by Investment real estate program an individual can buy 1% of the preferred share in the resort project. By becoming a shareholder in the resort project the investor and their family members will be offered the citizenship of Dominica.

The Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa project provides luxury facilities like 72 Eco-friendly Villa Units, a Private Jacuzzi on the Balcony, Deluxe Single and Two bedroom villas, boutique-style rooms to enhance your fashion style, Stunning Hammam, Massage Therapy to relax your body, Outdoor and indoor Infinity Swimming Pool with Swim-up Bar, World-class Restaurant and Bar offer their guests with organic foods from the local community people and will introduce the new cuisine also provides the international dishes, Yoga and Meditation Facility, and Relaxing Spa with Jacuzzi. The share of the project can be sold to the new individual 5 years from the date of the receipt, but the citizenship provided to them will stay for a lifetime and the new shareholder can buy the citizenship. The shareholder and their family can enjoy the privilege of free accommodation for 7 days in the peak season and 14 days in the off-season.