In eCommerce, it is extremely important to create a strong brand image and make sure that customers are satisfied. While drop-shipping allows an easy business launch, you need to take care of major business processes to ensure a great service. There are aspects in drop-shipping that you can successfully manage using your skills and ideas, however, most of the tasks are your suppliers’ responsibility.

Many drop-shippers use AliExpress as the platform to find reliable suppliers. In actuality, it’s a great idea, as this globally renowned online retailer provides multiple benefits to drop-shipping store owners. Although, certain aspects of its operation may require your involvement. Processes like shipping and packaging should be treated carefully if you want your customers to be genuinely happy with their purchases.

In this article, we will discuss how to make sure that AliExpress dropshipping packaging processes are smooth and buyer-oriented. Let’s start with some basics first!

An introduction to AliExpress Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a type of business where an entrepreneur selects goods from one or various suppliers and then features them in his online store. Once an order is placed for a certain product, the entrepreneur orders the same item from the original supplier, asking for it to be delivered directly to the buyer’s address.

If you’ve ever ordered something from AliExpress, you know that the sellers don’t usually offer any special packaging. Moreover, they commonly include extra items like invoices, marketing materials, and coupons in the packages.

For dropshipping business owners, it is very important to make the sellers exclude these items from the ordered package. From a customer standpoint, imagine receiving an order with extra materials in it from a different seller. You are going to be baffled and furious! The invoice will show you the real price of the product, and the promotional materials will confuse you even more, which will make you believe that you got scammed.

As an entrepreneur, you must do everything you can to avoid this from happening. How can you accomplish this? A simple solution to this predicament is blind dropshipping.

How does blind dropshipping work?

Blind dropshipping means that a supplier ships products without including any marketing materials or identifying themselves as the seller. How do you accomplish this? All you need to do is ask the seller.

Once you’ve purchased an item, on the checkout page there will be an option to leave a message for the seller. Simply write the following: “Hello! Please do not include an invoice or any marketing materials with the order. Please blindly dropship this item. Thank you!”. Or simply leave a small informative note like “Only dropshipping and no promotions or invoices.”

Thus, your supplier will know that you are a dropshipper and ship the product to the customer without including any extra materials such as invoices, coupons, flyers, etc.

To be extra safe, reach out to the supplier directly and see if they offer blind dropshipping and if they understand what it is.

Nevertheless, you must understand that everything depends on how well internal communications are established on the seller’s side. The person who saw your message may not be the same person who is responsible for packaging, so as a result, your message may be simply overlooked.

Don’t forget, since you are using AliExpress as your source of suppliers, the wording on their packages is going to be written in Chinese. If you receive questions from your customers wondering why everything is written in Chinese, you can simply explain that the product was shipped from one of the warehouses located in China. It is a standard procedure for businesses all over the globe to locate their manufacturing facilities and stock products in China, and there’s nothing extraordinary about it.

Another matter that might occur is that suppliers can label their product packages with the original price of the product. You can avoid this by asking the supplier to change the value in the order. Well-established sellers with sophisticated order management tools like ERP, Salesforce, Stitchlab, etc. can change the value easily. Though small-scale sellers who manually handle orders are likely to forget or overlook your request.

Why packaging is essential

AliExpress sellers try to make the package as light as possible since the shipping fee is calculated by the gram. However, the item’s safety is the top priority. All items, especially fragile ones, should be tightly wrapped and securely fixed.

If you don’t like the initial packaging, you can customize your own. Here’s the catch, however: you have to compensate for the costs of packaging materials and pay extra processing fees. And will you benefit from custom packaging in any way?

Well, first and foremost, your packaging will display and support your brand. Everything has to match your brand’s esthetics, from the package’s color to its size, material, and design. Of course, you can use common materials of all sorts, but it won’t distinguish you from your competitors. What you want is for your customers to know exactly who they are dealing with and what they can expect.

  • Custom packaging makes your brand stand out.

If your package is visually attractive and the design is unique, it will be the first sign that the product is of high quality. This is exceptionally important for first-time buyers who are only making themselves familiar with your items.

  • The packaging is the representation of the brand.

The visual presentation of the product will tell a lot about the item itself and the way you position your brand as a whole. If you want your products to be perceived as high-end, and you know that your target audience is “A-list clients,” you want to make sure that the packaging looks appealing and classy.

  • Packaging can be an effective promotional tool.

Custom packaging can be an easy way to signal to your customers about your brand and convey your message to them.

  • The packaging is needed to safely transport the product.

Your main concern is to deliver the product in one piece, the way that it looks on the pictures, and as it is described in the description. Great custom packaging allows for the safe delivery of products.

If you wish to build a successful business that stands out from the competition, create brand awareness, bring in more customers and sustain high product quality, it is of utmost importance to create the right packaging.

What you should know about AliExpress shipping

AliExpress is a major Chinese online retail platform. It means that you have to be prepared for longer delivery times since the product is being shipped from warehouses located in China. It is in your best interest to notify your customers of this as well.

However, there are many benefits to ordering products from AliExpress; one of them is the shipping cost. Not only do AliExpress suppliers offer products at reasonably cheap prices, but they also present affordable shipping solutions. Many suppliers offer free shipping to almost any destination in the world. Others work with ePacket – a low-priced shipping service that allows shorter delivery times (12-20 days).

Though there are faster shipping options such as DHL, FedEx, USPS with 2-5 days delivery, the shipping fees will be far higher as well.

Many factors can affect the perception of your business. One of them is the packaging. If you wish to create a successful dropshipping business, you must notify your suppliers that you are a dropshipper, so that no extra materials are placed in the order of your customers. Otherwise, you risk receiving customer complaints and losing customers. We hope that this article was helpful to you and that the provided information will prove to be useful to you in the near future.