Vehicles drive differently on the roads, and one factor that contributes is temperatures. Cars in areas that experience too low temperatures, especially in winter, need winter tires. These tires are made with unique rubber that does not stiffen too much with a decrease in temperature, to ensure enough traction and safety. Also, drivers who live in hot climates need summer tires to ensure safe cruising and for the tires to last longer. So, when are all-weather tires needed?

Well, this brings us to the question, ‘what about drivers whose areas are not too cold or too hot? All-weather tires are made for driving all year long and in all weathers. These tires have a mountain and snowflake icon to show that they have met all the Tire and Rubber association standards and are safe to use. However, they are not suitable for areas that experience extreme winters because the rubber is not made for very low temperatures.

1. Understanding All-Weather Tires

The all-weather tires are identified with the mountain and snowflake icon to show that they have passed all the tests and are certified to be used by drivers. Although they are called all-season tires, they are not suitable for inter seasons.

Winters have low temperatures and require tires made with special rubber to drive well and survive. The winter tires also have metallic studs to break the ice to ease driving on snowy roads. The rubber material is flexible enough to not stiffen during cold temperatures. Too stiff rubber does not offer enough traction and makes breaking harder. Also, the winter tire’s tread pattern is unique to provide less traction in snow. Driving in the winter tires during summer causes fast wearing and tearing because the rubber is softer than all-weather tires.

Drivers should change into all-weather tires once the winter season is over. It is also advisable to not drive in the all-weather tires during winter because the rubber stiffens due to the low temperatures. In conclusion, all-weather tires can be used throughout the year, but not during winter.

2. Reasons To Buy All-Weather Tires

Seasonal tires like winter and summer tires are expensive because they are made for that particular season. There is another added expense for installing and removing the ties when climates change, and the car owners suffer another cost for storage.

Most people buy all-weather tires because they don’t require changing when the temperatures change. Therefore, the driver does not worry about installation and removal costs, and they also don’t need to pay for storage.

All-weather tires online are also cheaper compared to winter and summer tires. Although they are not suitable for low temperatures, drivers who live in areas that don’t experience extreme summer conditions can use these tires all year long.

3. Who Can Buy All-Weather Tires

If you use your car throughout the year, the all-weather tires might not be a good choice. They are bought mainly by people who stay at home during winter because the rubber is not good enough to withstand the cold winters. Besides, driving in winter with all-weather tires is dangerous because they don’t have enough traction required for snow.

However, if you live in urban areas and don’t use your car during the winter, you can install all-weather tires. The areas should also not be snowy, and it will be an advantage if you don’t move a lot. When the roads are not too snowy, you don’t require winter tires. However, having the all-weather tires as your only tires could cause faster wearing of the tire, hence faster replacements.

4. Some All-Weather Tires To Consider

A. Good-Year Duratrac

Most drivers buy the Goodyear DuraTrac all-weather tires online because they have good handling. The tread is perfect for wet and hot roads, and they provide good traction in snow. The tire is also affordable and gives the driver good value for money. You can use it on the highway, rural and urban roads. The tires also perform well off-road, and they are available for pickup trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

B. Nitto Exo Grappler

These tires are popular among SUV, crossover, and Pickup truck owners because of their excellent performance. They offer good traction on ice and snow, and they can drive on the highway and rural roads. The tires are suitable for all weathers and they last long.