Are you considering joining the Merchant Navy? We’re sure you’ve heard of getting paid to travel worldwide in the Merchant Navy, right? You may have also heard that you just need to labor for 6-8 months to be compensated for the complete year. Every trade, including the Merchant Navy, has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here, we’ll go over all the aspects of completing the Merchant Navy course, including Merchant Navy Salary and whether it is a good field to work in or not.

The majority of candidates are drawn to the Merchant Navy course for the opportunity to travel and the high pay scale. However, there are other benefits to consider before entering the Merchant Navy. Aspirants dreaming of completing the Merchant Navy course should be aware of both sides of the coin before making a decision. Here we have discussed the advantages and challenges that the job of an officer in the Merchant Navy entails to help you understand if it is the right career choice for you.

Advantages of Joining Merchant Navy

Travel while you work

This particular point piques the interest of travelers. The first benefit that comes to mind when people consider joining the Merchant Navy is the ability to travel while working. Without a doubt, because the work entails sailing, you will be able to travel the world for free.

Lucrative pay packages

Few careers in the world pay as highly as the merchant navy does for entry-level officers. The most appealing aspect of this job is the remuneration, and merchant navy salary scales it offers. Pay ranges from 20k to 20L per month for lower-level professions and much more for higher-level positions such as captain of the ship.

Get great tax savings

Those who work in the merchant navy are eligible for tax exemptions. According to Indian law, you are not liable to pay tax if you are absent from India for more than 182 days. You do not have to pay any tax if your contract is for more than 182 days on a foreign-going vessel.

Diverse cultural exposure

A commercial mariner gets the opportunity to meet and engage with people from many different cultures and countries. This enables the individual to better understand and function as a team member while also learning about different cultures and practices. This improves adaptability and increases knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in a foreign country.

No prerequisite for expensive degrees

You don’t need any advanced credentials to start a profession at sea. Even if you have completed your 10th or 12th grade, you can begin your pre-sea training by enrolling in short courses such as G.P. rating or Diploma in Nautical Science.

Professionalism & NRI Status

Working in the merchant navy teaches individuals how to cooperate efficiently as a team. Working in the Merchant Navy necessitates great communication skills, extreme flexibility, and the ability to adhere to and maintain stringent discipline. Sailors who sail for more than 182 days are granted NRI status by the Indian government.

Challenges of Joining The Merchant Navy

Long periods of separation from friends and family

We observed in the benefits of entering the Merchant Navy that after finishing a contract, sailors tend to have longer vacations. Even if extended vacations are possible, the idea of spending months away from family on board a ship may not be appealing to many individuals.

A conventional office job permits you to spend every day with your family and friends and return home every night. People who work in the Merchant Navy are unable to do so.

Constant exams

The pre-sea training and following examinations, regardless of the order chosen, are not for the faint of heart. The Merchant Navy, like any other career, demands a high degree of dedication. Individuals must pass the Mercantile Marine Department’s Certificate of Competency (COC) tests after completing the pre-sea training and aboard training (MMD).

Piracy and other risks

When ships pass through pirated areas today, armed guards are usually on board, or proper anti-piracy measures are followed. While the frequency of pirate assaults along the Somali coast has reduced, piracy events near the West African coast have surged dramatically.

Merchant Navy Salary

Working with the merchant navy can be an extremely rewarding experience. Monthly salaries in the merchant navy range from INR 40,000 to INR 90,000. Merchant Navy salary, like any other employment, is determined by the employee’s rank, experience, and location. In India, the highest merchant navy salary can range from INR 8.65 to INR 20 lakhs per month.

Other than these, there are a lot of other advantages and benefits when it comes to the merchant navy and also some challenges along with it, but then challenges are part and parcel of every job, and when the job is this exciting, a little risk goes without saying.