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Hi everyone! Before we talk about the amazing benefits of using private car rental services, we just want to remind car rental service providers to always keep their ride looking great and protected at the same time – we recommend getting a ceramic coating spray. Ceramic coating for cars protects your ride from harmful chemicals, UV rays, and leaves it with a candy-like gloss. Best of all, it also helps make cleaning your car easier!

What are car rental services?

A car rental service is defined as a business (or individual) that rents vehicles for brief periods of time or for a specified period of time. They primarily serve those who do not own a car, visitors, tourists, and owners of damaged vehicles who are awaiting repair or compensation from insurance.

These car rental services can come either with a driver (the car and driver come as a package) or customers can choose to rent the car or vehicle alone (self-drive as we call it).

While taxis and other means of public transportation are available, these sometimes can be unreliable. Private car rental services are a great alternative to public transport and here are some of the advantages it brings:

Flat rates

Taxis use a meter, and the pay comes out to how far you’ve traveled and how long you’ve been sitting in traffic with the meter running. While you may have an idea of how much a taxi trip costs, some drivers may take a longer route to get to your destination and it adds up. One may think that renting out a private car is a splurge but it actually saves you money, especially if you are the type who has to budget everything – no more being short on cash as you know exactly what amount to pay.


Had a bad day at work? Tired? Pulled an all-nighter? You’re in no condition to drive – having a private car service with a driver allows you to have a comfortable ride home and let you even catch some zzzs…something that you can’t do if you’re behind the wheel. The comfort also comes with the type of vehicle which you can choose unlike taxis where you have to just accept what’s given – and we all know that not all cab drivers keep their rides clean and smellin2g fresh.


And speaking of fresh – hygiene has become a huge concern for many especially since COVID arrived. When you travel using a self-drive car, you can be sure of the level of hygiene you are maintaining. The company sanitizes the cars before renting out but you can always go for the second round of sanitation.


If you want to make a good impression, celebrate a special occasion, or simply feel like going to town in style, car rentals can provide you with that. Not only will you get the look, but your ride also won’t die on you as rental companies make sure that the vehicles are always in tip-top shape.


Aside from regular vehicle maintenance, private cars provide you with the safety that not all taxi services can provide – drivers for these car companies have their backgrounds checked and go through a vetting process to make sure that the right people will drive for you.

Social distancing is followed

If you need to report to work and don’t own a car, taking public transport like the train or bus in this pandemic can be a little bit risky. By renting a car, especially a self-drive one, you can be sure that social distancing measures are followed as you will not be in contact with anyone else as compared to being in contact with other commuters in a bus or train.


Private car rentals afford you much-needed privacy unlike taxis where some cabbies can be a little bit on the chatty side – it’s not a bad thing, but sometimes we’re just not in the mood and just want some peace and quiet. And all the chit-chat can lead to distractions that can cause accidents. With private car rentals, the drivers are highly trained professionals who are sure to keep their focus on the road and not the backseat.  For more privacy, you can also opt to self-drive and have the vehicle all to yourself.


Renting a private car affords you the flexibility to make the most out of your day. Early morning meeting? Lunch date? A quick trip to the store? Try doing this with a cab. The flexibility of a rented private vehicle also allows you to enjoy your trips as you please – no more making a mad dash back to the bus from the rest stop. You can reach your destination as fast as possible or enjoy your road trip at a more leisurely pace.

More savings

It may look expensive at first, but renting for road trips can come up cheaper especially if you are traveling in a group. Rent out a comfy van and split the costs. Plus, with all the road trips you plan to take, think of your own vehicle’s maintenance costs. A lot of rental companies also offer fixed rates and packages to fit your budget.

Extra income

By engaging in a private car rental service, not only do you get to reach your destination in comfort and style, you also help people earn money, especially in these trying times. As you continue to patronize their services, the drivers (who sometimes are juggling with more than one job) get to earn decent pay.

Private car rentals can be big and small, so renting from them not only adds to your convenience but also helps put food on the table and jumpstart economies. Make sure to always do your homework and only rent from a reliable and reputable car rental service. You can also opt to rent from reliable individuals that you may know.