Do you like to wear false eyelashes every day? Do you want to make your eye bigger, add freshness and lightness to your look? Maybe you just simply want to try something new in makeup? Then we have something perfect for you!

Eyes are the mirror of the soul – and with perfect eyelashes, your soul is going to enthrall

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and the eyelashes are its frame. Regardless of whether you are just starting your adventure with false eyelashes, or if you are already an experienced user, you need the right tools and the help of the specialist during their application.

Visit the Noble Lashes website and see not only a wide selection of different models of eyelashes but also a rich assortment of accessories useful in the process of putting them on. Before applying, it is worth preparing eyelashes, comb them with an applicator, separate and arrange the hair, and then curl them also with an eyelash curler.

Regardless of the type of eyelash to be applied, it is really important, what item is going to be used by the specialist, to apply them. Ordinary tweezers can twist or even break eyelashes because of its sharp end.

A better solution is a metal eyelash applicator on the belt, with a wider tip for easier maneuvering of eyelashes. After the application of eyelashes, when the glue is still drying, it is worth using these pliers to combine natural eyelashes with artificial ones, squeezing them together.

Thanks to this, the effect will be more natural and the eyelashes will stay in place longer. The eyelashes are reusable as long as they are cleaned of glue residue and washed with a cotton bud soaked in a make-up remover liquid.

This liquid is going to allow you to wash away any mascara or eye shadows that may have been found on the eyelashes. Clean lashes can be put into transparent eyelash boxes, reducing the risk of losing them.

The application of artificial eyelashes may take several minutes to an experienced person. Furthermore, even the best professional may need several accessories to be able to perform the task correctly.

One of them is definitely the glue ring. This is a very simple product, worn on the palm of your hand. The glue placed in its cavity dries more slowly, and the star-cut rim helps drain the excess eyelash. Hence, no longer you have to wonder where to put the eyelash glue, you can have it on hand.

Another interesting tool in professional eyelash extension is the handy eyelash extension label. It is a reusable product that is put on the hand, ensuring greater comfort of work on eyelashes of the customer. Thanks to these tools, both eyelashes and glue are on one hand, and eyelashes are applied so perfectly that they can be worn even in difficult conditions.

Should I invest in such services?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to false eyelashes and mascara. Many people presume the two shouldn’t be used in conjunction with one another, misleading you to believe that you have to choose just one of the products.

However, when used correctly, mascara is a universal product, which can be successfully used with various other tools for lashes. This is why the answer to your question is relatively simple. You should definitely invest in such look of your eyelashes.

Thanks to this you are going to look really pretty and your gaze is going to mesmerize all males. However, you should still remember one, very crucial point. No matter what type of make you are playing to wear, you always look pretty.

You are always good looking. The makeup is usually, as we call it, only an icing the cake. If you remember that little rule, then you always are going to be happy with the results of the makeup itself. It is the most important thing. Have fun.

What type of eyelashes would be perfect for me?

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