The UK has seen a massive boom in the CBD industry. Most users begin with CBD oil, but soon venture deeper into the world of CBD. If you’ve tasted a CBD oil, then you won’t be surprised to hear those tasty edibles are one of the most popular products! While CBD oil tastes earthy, CBD edibles mask the taste with delicious flavors.

Still, CBD occupies a gray area in regulations throughout the world. Some prospective consumers are concerned about whether they can eat CBD edibles in the UK, or whether that will get them in trouble.

The short answer is YES – you can eat CBD edibles in the UK. However, there are, unsurprisingly, some caveats to the law. Marijuana edibles are illegal, for example. But what’s the difference? Read on to find out where CBD edibles stand.

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are food products infused with cannabidiol. In case you were unaware, cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating compound that comes from hemp plants; it has recently become popular as a health supplement.

Edibles are some of the most popular CBD products available because they taste so delicious. Compared to a CBD oil, which carries a bitter taste, edibles allow you to enjoy taking CBD. What’s more, they provide a pre-measured dose of CBD so that you don’t have to fiddle around with a pipette every time you want to take cannabidiol. It also reassures you that each dose is precisely the same.

You can get edibles in many forms, including CBD gummies, CBD brownies, and CBD chocolates. Beverages are also increasingly popular, including CBD-infused tea and coffee.

Are CBD Edibles Legal in the UK?

This is where things become a little complicated. UK guidelines state that CBD products are allowed as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC. Most manufacturers use hemp for this reason, as hemp contains minimal THC. But you can also get CBD from marijuana, which is high in THC.

Since marijuana itself is illegal in the UK, you probably won’t be surprised that marijuana edibles are unlawful.

However, CBD edibles are fine – as long as they don’t contain above the limit of THC. You need to be extra careful when buying CBD edibles for this reason. Check the CBD content by viewing lab reports from a brand before you make the purchase. Many brands offer these on their websites, but you may need to request them. If a brand refuses, then look elsewhere!

You should also make sure that the brand is using hemp since growing marijuana is also illegal in Britain. Any CBD brand worth it’s salt will explain where it sources hemp on the website, so be sure to do a bit of reading. Brand reviews may also point you in the right direction.

Where to Buy CBD Edibles

Thankfully, there are now numerous places where you can buy CBD edibles in the UK. There are lots of CBD shops in cities and towns throughout the British Isles, particularly in big cities. London is fortunate enough to enjoy various CBD cafes, restaurants, and bars. Here, you can find plenty of unique edibles that you may enjoy in the company of friends.

A huge variety of CBD edibles can be purchased online. In particular, you can find various CBD candies and gummies. As mentioned above, there are benefits to shopping online that include checking reviews, reading lab reports, and making quick comparisons between other brands and products.

One of the top picks for buying CBD edibles online is Provacan. This brand, which caters to a British market, is partnered with Israeli research firm CiiTECH, a leader in cannabis research. This ensures that all Provacan products are as innovative and effective as they possibly could be. What’s more, Provacan conducts thorough lab reports to ensure that every batch is high-quality and safe.

The products are also affordable, and the variety ensures you can get any type of product you wish. In terms of edibles, Provacan offers tasty lozenges and delicious gummies. Both of these are full-spectrum and provide a straightforward daily dose of cannabidiol with ease. You can also browse the extensive range of topicals and other products.

Plus, you get the convenience of ordering CBD right to your doorstep without even having to venture outside.