All our devices seem to be getting smarter in the modern digital age, from the usual suspects like cars and phones to home appliances like televisions and refrigerators. But it doesn’t stop there – even non-electronic items are making the leap to smart technology. One such item that seen surprisingly significant functional benefits are your blinds and shades. Motorized smart shades are the new step in the modernization of the homes. These smart shades can easily be integrated with your existing smart home system and can be used in conjunction with other smart devices.

What are Motorized Smart Shades?

Motorized smart shades let you control your shades without crawling out of your bed or sofa. Use a remote control or simply speak a voice command to operate your shades (compatible voice assistant required). When you connect these to a smart hub, you can also set timers or schedules to have your shades operate automatically.

How do Motorized Smart Shades Work?

Many of the smart shades systems available on the market are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomeKit. Some smart shutter systems are sold with a remote control that also controls the windows.

Compatible remote controls will work out of the box, but you’ll need to connect the shades to a smart hub to be able to control it through your phone, set scheduling, and more. If you use a compatible hub and voice assistant, you can even operate the shades through simple voice commands.

Just as homeowners integrate smart home technologies into thermostats, lights and security systems, automated blinds can be remotely controlled whether you are home or not.

Smart Shades Are Ideal for Many Spaces

If you have very high windows, smart shades are ideal as they can be controlled remotely. Motorized shades can also help easily control the temperature of your home. Automated blinds can be good if you have large furniture against your windows, blocking normal access. Manage your blinds easily, no matter where your furniture is with automatic shades.

The presence of a large number of windows in a room is very common, especially when building a new house. You can control the lighting directly in a room or any room with motorized shades and blinds. Do you need privacy in the media room for a night for movie night or games night? A motorized smart shade can be adjusted to give you the privacy and darkness that you need, all from the comfort of your couch.

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How Smart Blind and Shades Can Save Money

The idea that energy costs can be saved with proper shades is not new, but the effectiveness of your blinds is amplified with smart features. Not only can you control your blinds at the push of a button, but you can also configure them to open and close during the day, even when you’re away from home.

With automation, you can return to a house that is already ready for your arrival, with closed shades and lights on, the temperature of which is already at the desired level. Because smart shades can be raised and lowered to a certain point, smart curtains can be used to give you a more versatile lighting experience that can be very hard to replicate with an artificial light source.

Do you Need Smart Shades?

That’s a good question to consider. The idea of controlling the shades with a remote or voice is good enough to convince anyone to install motorized smart shades in their homes. Smart shades can be set according to an automatic schedule. This feature can be useful if you travel frequently and feel like you are opening and closing blinds at home every day.

The functionality is also useful, so you never have to set the shades in the morning or the evening again. If you block the light outdoors, you can sleep better and the sun rays help you wake up in the morning. Smart shades also increase the security of the house as the opening and closing of the blinds can create the illusion of occupancy in your home, even when you are away.

Final Words

The benefits and uses of the motorized smart shades are many. They add convenience and practical functionality for your home, and are increasingly becoming an affordable option for many homeowners rather than a luxury item.