Have you always dreamed of sharing your love of travel photos with as many people as possible? Social networks and blogs have become privileged places to talk about your passions and Instagram has become the preferred network of web influencers. Dedicated to photography, it has 1 billion users per month worldwide, sharing their daily lives or their passions. Here are our ten tips and tricks for creating a travel Instagram!

1: Use the same type of touch-up

Touch-ups on smartphones go through numerous “filters” and other image processing tools, available on Instagram or on third-party applications such as VSCO, Toolwiz or many others. Adding a little vignetting, playing with contrasts and colors allows, for example, giving a vintage style to the photos, perfect during a trip on Route 66!

From the most natural to the most colorful, don’t hesitate to try filters!

2: Bring your personal touch

Because each traveler has their own style and vision of the world, each Instagram is unique. The best picture frame should have natural or architectural elements. If you want to make it identifiable at first glance, here are some tips and possibilities:

  • Use a particular technique such as infrared, film, fish-eye photo. Use creative formats!
  • Add personal items such as accessories to the images. Tell your story in pictures.
  • Vary the subjects; look for places or hidden angles. If you visit the Taj Mahal, do not hesitate to turn around, in order to find a more original angle of approach than the eternal postcards presenting it from the front.

#followmetoo, a photo style that has gone viral

3: Create a community 

Hashtags have two uses, they allow you to make yourself known, but also offer you the possibility of discovering many inspiring accounts. Indeed, Instagram is, above all a network and makes it possible to establish links with its readers, other travel Instagrammers. Respond to comments, find out what others are doing, share and interact with. It’s the best way to create a loyal network, made up of interesting exchanges and great meetings. Consider buying Instagram followers from best website to grow your account and connected to more people.

4: Adopt a good publication rhythm

Regularity is important on Instagram. Do not hesitate to post several times a week, at hours of high visibility (late afternoon/evening for example), and to create “meetings” for your followers, who will easily know when to see your new images.

5: Sharing

Many Instagram accounts are dedicated to sharing inspiring travel photos. To be shared, everyone applies their own method, send private messages to accounts, identify them in photos, use a dedicated hashtag, etc. Some examples: @natureegeo, @outhereworld, @wonderful_places.

6: Use location

Instagram offers the possibility to geolocate your posts and to search for places. Do not hesitate to take a look at it, when you are preparing an excursion, or to identify your images so that future travelers will discover your photos.

7: Adopt Stories and Videos

New formats on which Instagram development is focused, stories are short-lived short images or videos, visible for 24 hours. They allow to give a more “intimate” side to the Instagram account, and to share fleeting moments like a superb sunset setting over the Indian Ocean, or an excellent brunch in a European capital! They can now be highlighted permanently on the account. Videos are also a very good way to convey the atmosphere of your travels, between birdsong, and the creaking of glaciers. So do not hesitate to vary the formats.