Solar street lights have become more popular. You can see them installed along the streets, public places, and houses. They provide security to passersby, drivers, and homeowners. Thus, installing high-quality solar street lights are recommended.

Investing in high-quality street lights is a difficult and overwhelming task. There are several manufacturers that offer different models of solar street lights. Let’s discuss the aspects you need to look over to save money and help you decide which street light to invest in.

Why Use Solar Street Lights?

Choosing a high-quality solar street light depends on the needs of the consumers. It is wise to know the benefits of solar street lights before diving in.

Low Maintenance

Installing a solar street light only requires a little maintenance. After the first installation, you do not have to expect any further interventions and replacements. Thus, be mindful of choosing a high-quality solar street light to certify that it will be a long-term solution. More so, it will make you confident by giving no worries about any technical concerns.

Unlike the traditional street light, solar street light has a remote management system that helps operators know the status of the components. There is no need for a technician to check the condition of the street lights. With a better monitoring system, the initial investment is returned in no time. You will have more savings from safe and clean energy.

Before you decide on the type of solar street light, there are important points you need to consider. Here are the things about what you should know:

Solar street lights require a higher initial investment

You need to assess the financial feasibility of your solar street light project. It is important to be reminded of why they are more expensive than the traditional street lights. Solar street lights use unique components to provide highly significant functions to its consumers and benefits towards the environment.

Uses Renewable Energy

Solar street lights use solar panels. It is one of the energy-efficient technologies that use a clean and renewable source of energy. They do not emit harmful chemicals and cause no light pollution. Thus, using street lights can be a step to being an environmentally conscious person.

Efficient and Effective

The energy efficiency of solar street lights helps both residential and commercial owners. It cuts their energy consumption leading to lesser energy bills. Moreover, consumers will not worry during natural calamities. Solar lights can still work under extreme conditions as they are not connected to the energy grid.

If you think you need to replace your traditional street lights, you can ask questions to yourself to determine whether you need it or not.

Questions to Ponder

It is important to thoroughly analyze each street light model by determining the feasibility of its components, product specifications, design, and energy output that best fits the lighting solution you need. But, before you dig deeper about the model, you have questions to ponder.

  • Where will you install the street light? The location of the solar street light will determine the considerations when you start to develop the solar street lighting project.
  • Will the solar street light be an off-the-grid solution, on-the-grid lighting solution, or a new pole installation? The lighting solution you try to implement needs to be discussed with the manufacturer to have the right selection of street lights.
  • How much energy does the solar light need to provide the expected hours of light? The solar street light manufacturer will provide an optimized model that can meet energy needs.

Types of Street Lights

After you have pondered the questions, you need to know that there are different types of solar street lights available in the market. A complete set of street light is composed of a battery, battery box for protection, solar panel, light controller, light pole, and LED light. Each street lights have the same set of components; they only differ with the features they offer.

Off-Grid Split Type

The off-grid split type has no electricity wiring support. Those who pick the off-grid split type will not go through the excruciating installation of electrical wirings. Each light pole in this solar light type has an independent unit. It can work on its own.

Grid-Tie Type

The grid-tie solar light is dependent on the sun orientation. It should be installed in the focal area of the sun. The solar lights are tied to the grid (single-inverter) that will help energize the LED lights.

All-in-One Solar Street Light

The all-in-one solar street light has an automatic motion sensor that regulates the dimming and lighting of the street light. Its motion sensor feature helps save energy. Moreover, it requires less management.

Final Thoughts

A high-quality solar street light offers safety to passersby, drivers, and homeowners. It is a challenging decision to purchase the right one that will perfectly suit your needs. Thus, it is best to know the types and benefits of using solar street lights before investing. After all, both its consumers and the environment will benefit.